Early Junchoon - paint scheme

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Early Junchoon - paint scheme

Post by KOG » Wed Dec 14, 2005 6:03 pm

I've more or less completed my last project (SSS Terror Mirage, hope to get some photos soon), and now I'm working on an SSS Early Junchoon.

I've always been unclear about the color scheme for this design... some paint it white and blue, some do white and green, and I've even seen one in white and black I think.

I've more or less decided on doing mine in white and emerald green... but I still have a lot of questions about the exact details of the color scheme. I've seen a lot of early junchoons, and all seem to have different detail colors and accents and so on...

So I'm wondering if anyone has links to favorite early junchoon builds, or pics of your own early junchoons?

I'm trying to get a good sense of how I should paint my kit before I get too deep into the project.



Post by elemental » Thu Dec 15, 2005 10:20 am

As you know, I haven't painted this particular engage, so no pics to share.

But as I see it, you can either paint a whole series of Junchoons in the same colours (consistant, but dull) or you can make each one slightly different. Colours for junchoon 2989 are pretty much given, but the other two... allow more room for creativity. I'd have to say of all the varied early junchoon colour schemes I've seen, they all look good. Except the one done in SR3 colours. Red and green... Eww. Christmas junchoon. Yuck. :(

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Post by sarion » Thu Dec 15, 2005 2:04 pm

well like wat elemental said, more interesting in different colors
(even LED we still have the Colus colors hehe....)

that's why mine is black n white, i can always have the white n green with late Junchoon / last Junchoon, white n purple with SR1.

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