Want to Buy - Volks SSS2002 Siren D (original only)

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Want to Buy - Volks SSS2002 Siren D (original only)

Post by KOG » Thu Sep 22, 2005 11:07 pm

So.... I'm looking for an original, unbuilt copy of the Volks SSS2002 Siren D.

Must have all parts, instruction booklet, and original box. Box must be in reasonably good condition. I don't care if the parts bags or opened... and I don't care if a little work has been done.

I can pay for the kit outright (I'm prepared to pay full retail value or slightly above if the kit is in mint condition), or I can pay with some cash and a recast or 2 in trade, or I can just trade a stack of recasts (good quality ones) for it.

If you have an original SSS2002 Siren D and want to part with it for the right amount of cash or trade, please reply here or contact me via private message here on the board.

I know this is probably a shot in the dark, and that probably no one has one to sell, but I'm just covering all my bases and trying all avenues. I tried to bid on a copy on Yahoo!Japan auctions, but someone else outbid me...

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