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Cloud Shatze for sale

Post by errol » Sun Apr 03, 2005 5:30 pm

Hey everybody out there, while I was in New York working at the auto show I ran across some FSS Volks 1/100 MM kits. I actually got a good deal on the kits cause they were trying to liquidate some back stock. I'm looking to pass the deal on to anyone else who is interested. I am willing to sell the Cloud Shatze MM for $100! If anyone is interested let know or make an offer. Kit is still sealed and brand spankin' new. I was debateing putting on Ebay but thought I would try here first. Thanks.

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Post by Hydra Mirage » Sun Apr 03, 2005 5:56 pm

Where did you find it ?


Post by errol » Sun Apr 03, 2005 6:44 pm

I got it from Image Anime in New York. I'm staying at Southgate Towers on 31st 7th ave, working at the auto show. It is right behind my hotel on 30th. Last year I was in there buying some Robotech stuff and decided to go in there again this year. While I was shopping I noticed that they had the American release of FSS. I had an old bootleg copy that looked like crap and horrible translations. When I was buying it I thought I would ask about FSS kits and to my suprise he went into the back and pulled out brand new still sealed MM Speed Mirage,Cloud Shatze & KOG parasomething(soory I forgot how to spell it and don't feel like looking :roll: ). He gave me a package deal with all three Mortar headds and the movie for a deal I simply could not turn down. He said he was just happy to see someone have them who would appriciate them.

I asked him why he didn't order them anymore and his response was resin kits were big 5-10 years ago and people nowadays don't have the time anymore to build them anymore. He seemed kind of upset and started reminising about the 1/35 LED, Jagd Mirage,etc. He seemed to really like the FSS Mortar Headds. He also said that nowadays resin stuff still comes out but most of it already painted(he showed me pre painted dolls and some other stuff). He basically said the industry has changed and FSS hasn't. Although I have a KOG action figure that is pretty sweet but I don't think he was aware of them, plus I don't think they make them anymore. To bad. Plus he said most of his customers are anime fans not manga fans and he didn't even FSS manga is still being released. So I gave him a quick update on what's going on. But you know man, people don't want read anymore, they want sit back, pop in dvd and vege on the couch. Do you blame people? NO. With eveyone 40 hours+, who wants to do more work. Me personally, I enjoy a great SF book, and love the Mortar Headds. So people like me will always collect the manga and resin kits. Man what a story!! So basically he said FSS is not changing with the time. He owns a store and is in business to make a profit. He felt if they made more FSS anime's, it would be huge again(especially with me enlightening him on details of the story). Hopefully Edit has something to do about more movies. We can only dream. So basically had some valid pionts from a business point of view. Sorry for the long explanation, Hopefully Nagano plans to bring FSS into the 21st century. We all know he has the skills, I guess it has more to do with his vision for FSS or his motivation. I don't know. I'm 30 yaers old now and I would really hate to wait until I'm 50 to red final conclusion of FSS. :?


Post by commissioner » Thu Apr 28, 2005 9:38 pm

You've got PM regarding the Cloud Shatze MM :D

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