1/100 original models blowout!

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John F. Moscato
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1/100 original models blowout!

Post by John F. Moscato » Thu Jun 21, 2007 3:06 pm

Hi everyone.

I'm looking to thin-down some of the doubles and triples in my collection of models, therefore I've decided to sell the following models. These are all original japanese kits with boxes/manuals. THe models marked "test fit with hot glue" means just that; that the kit was assembled using temporary (white) hot glue, which allows temp assembly of the kit without modification or damage to the pieces.

Shipping to be determined by the quantity of models and specified location of a guiven buyer.

-Volks 1/100 SAV LED Mirage V3 clear armor (unbuilt, not test-fitted) $300.00

-Volks 1/100 MM Arcana Siren (test fit with hot glue only) $280.00

-Volks 1/100 SAV Prominence (test fit with hot glue only) $150

-Volks 1/100 SAV Siren Neptune (NIB) $160

-Volks 1/100 MM Siren F (test fit with hot glue only) $180.00

-Volks 1/100 MM Siren F (test fit with hot glue only) $150.00

-Volks 1/100 SAV Red Phantom (test fit with hot glue only) $150.00

And finally, for anyone daring enough to want all of the above models, I shall make you an even better offer: I'll sell all of the above for $1200 plus shipping. THat's like buying 6 models at the already discounted prices and getting one extra--FREE--

Please PM me with any requests :)
John F. Moscato

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Post by sarion » Sat Aug 18, 2007 11:59 am

wow! ur prices are ridiculous! (ridiculously low! :P )
too bad i'm gonna be outstation (to USA! haha in Utah) else i think i would have grabbed ur Neptune....
anyway good luck to ur sales! 8)

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