1/35 Led + Action fig Led by Kaiyodo + rare books

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1/35 Led + Action fig Led by Kaiyodo + rare books

Post by Mun-Su » Wed Jul 12, 2006 2:54 pm

hi everyone

I have some FSS things to sell cause I'm really out of money :

books :

- Basic Art of the FSS - Mirage - Characters 1
- Water Dragon - Characters 3
- The FSS - ????2989 - Model Graphix

I do not wish to sell them seperatly except if I get many different propositions. I don't know exactly their value today but I remember having bought them for around $ 20 - 30 each

I also have a Hobby Japan EX extra edition from automn 1998 but won't sell it except if someone is really interested in buying it.

Figures :

1/35 recast of Led Mirage resin kit by Volks + special shield. I have started to fit some parts of the feet together but have no time to finish it. medium quality recast, some bubbles, 1 or 2 broken parts but nothing particular if you have ever build any FSS recast. I will sell it for $200.

1/144 Kaiyodo figure of Led Mirage, clear version, new and mint in the box, $15

if you think some of my prices are inappropriate, don't hesitate to tell me as I don't really know their value now a days..
I live in Switzerland, will ship as you wish but without additional taxes, will write what you want to for your income customs taxes.
I don't have any digital camera so you'll need to give me some time if you want pictures.
I have a Paypal account. but as I have never used it to get money, I need to learn how it works..

if you are interested or have any questions, you can contact me by email :

:| wow.. it's hard to write in English in fact...

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