Fss/ Rune Masquer kits for sale

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Fss/ Rune Masquer kits for sale

Post by Henry » Tue Jul 04, 2006 9:25 pm

Hi, everyone:

Needed money so I am selling some of my collection. Quote below in brackets are selling prices at e2046.

Empress flame, volks, MM 2997 : ($70) $48

Atoll, volks, AF: (way better than the wsc, unanimous opinion from 5 HK fss modelers.) ($149.70) $85

Prominence, volks, SAV: ($85.8) $65

Prominence, volks, MM: (the one with a fiece face under the mask) ($86.7) $57

Rune masquer Original volks kit, see this link for pictures:
$90 Almost new kit, only one wing has paint stripped off.


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