anyone selling an original Volks KOG V3?

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anyone selling an original Volks KOG V3?

Post by KOG » Tue May 16, 2006 6:28 pm

I managed to win an original LED V3 from Y!J auctions recently, so I'm starting to think about picking up a KOG V3 to go with it.

I'm figuring I'll probably have to take the auction route for KOG V3 as well, but I figured it doesn't hurt to check here too...

Anyone have an original KOG V3 that they want to sell?

I'm a little picky though... box must be in good shape, must still have original manual and other print materials, kit must be completely unpainted, no parts missing, and I would prefer that as little prep work as possible has been done... prefer zero prep work actually. That means no drilling done, parts still pretty much on their trees, no massive putty jobs all over... I can tolerate a little prep work if the price is reasonable.

So. If you have an original KOG V3 that pretty much fits the requirements.... please let me know and tell me what price you are looking for.

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