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Survey Results

Post by Tachyon » Tue Nov 21, 2006 5:31 am

11 people responded to the Gears Online survey. They ranged in age from 17 to 34. 7 were from the U.S. and one each from Spain, Thailand, Malaysia and France. It's too bad we didn't hear from any Canadians.

Forums - 3 people had never been to the message board and 3 people thought there wasn't enough activity to make the message board interesting.

New Stuff vs. Classics - 8 people said they didn't have a preference between new stuff and classics and 3 people wanted to see more classic mecha material.

Favorite Thing About Gears - 5 people liked Five Star Stories, 4 liked Gundam, 2 liked rare stuff and 1 liked Macross.

Requested Material - 1 person wanted to see more starships, 3 wanted Mospeada and 2 wanted Gall Force. A few other things were requested.

When asked about least favorite aspects and problems with Gears half of the people said the slow rate of site updates makes them unhappy. One person thought the Super Robot Wars section should be expanded while another thought Macross should be expanded.

Thank you to all who participated!
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