May 2014 Newtype scans

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May 2014 Newtype scans

Post by levrin » Fri May 30, 2014 12:29 am ... sp=sharing

Coming upon the damaged medical station, Haird encounters Jaco of the Jota Space Knights, arrived too late to stop the pirates but already planning pursuit. He explains the realities of human trafficking and factory planets to Haird, and offers to let her accompany him. She agrees, and while his fatima Vin Tin notes that somebody's been falsifying data when looking up Magdall's false name, Jaco is willing to let it lie.

Meanwhile, Aisha and Kiedia's Mirage machines have landed, and Aisha is worrying over Lound's last message.

Lound has arrived at the AP Knights main base to tell them about Haird and Magdall, while wishing he could do more for these people. Having passed on his message he starts to offer his own assistance despite it being against AKD's official political position and they interrupt him with information that a sealed missive has already arrived from AKD addressed to him, and that if he stops right now they can still pretend this never happened.

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Re: May 2014 Newtype scans

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Thanks for the summary and sharing scans :)
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