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The Story So Far

Post by levrin » Fri May 17, 2013 6:36 am

In hindsight, I probably shouldn't have tried to write this all in one go. But anyway, this is what happens in FSS volumes 11 and 12. As previously, I will endeavor to use the English names from the Designs books even if they do not match prior translations of those names.

FSS Volume 11
Majestic Stand 1: A Fancy of 44 Minutes
Both 3030: Fall of Hathuha
In the realm of gods, Fandome Emperor Maximum converses with divine Amaterasu before his departure to the Taika universe, recalling his only regret in Joker. The scene changes to one of MH prepared for battle, young Maxi complaining to Depre about the delay in their assault on Bachtgma castle: Depre berates Maxi for not caring about Meeth and Auxo's presence in the castle while the officers confirm the readiness of various allied forces. Remarking that even Est is on their side now despite being an enemy in the destruction of Hathuhunt 45 years prior, Miss Muddler is asked to intervene with Maxi. She manages to stop Maxi by telling him she will grant him the Kensei title if he listens to his brother and they take the castle without anything happening to Meeth.

Back in the realm of gods, they notice that their flashback is off by 45 years and have a rather meta conversation about what time means to divinity, before resuming the flashback at Hathuha's capital Hathuhunt in JC3030. The evacuated city is dark as Bachtgma's declared invasion time of dawn approaches. Depre asks why they couldn't just attack Bachtgma first with superior firepower and the others explain the military and political situation to him: other nations both near and far are gathering around to take advantage of the conflict and without knowing which will be allies and which will be enemies Hathuha simply cannot commit all its troops to one fight and Bachtgma simply doesn't have enough to lose to be easily threatened. King Coretto apologizes to Arr Melody about bringing her into conflict with her homeland Co-lus, but she reassures him that she is already at odds with them anyway. Arr and her charges are the last to evacuate, following which a drunken Kaien appears to be making a break for it only to be stopped by Auxo. In a moment of seriousness, Kaien releases Auxo from his service, causing her severe mental distress, and tells the distraught Priestess Mugumika to engage the troops.

The invasion begins with an air strike to clear space and the enemy begins teleporting in while Magdall recalls a prophecy regarding the city in flames. Decors leads the Bachtgma MH against Hathuha's two A-Toll divisions. As the battle proceeds, Meeth follows Kaien and confesses that she had planted her own eggs in Auxo in order to bear his child. An appalled Kaien listens as Meeth explains his own genes are simply too strong to reproduce normally; Depre and Magdall only survived because their powers cancelled each other out in the womb. Kaien's genetic parents are actually Kensei Assaram Skeins and Princess Yarn Vatshu Kastepo of the Super Empire, brought to term in the Fatima Queen and adapting a Fatima's unaging DNA along the way. Meeth explains that she even modified her own womb according to Ballanche's final instructions in order to bear Kaien's superior child. Kaien appears angry as Meeth confesses that she had always loved him but knew he wouldn't love her back, and even draws his spaad, only to cut down an incoming MH's axe. He gives his sword to Meeth and she realizes he doesn't plan to survive; Kaien knocks her out when she tries to stop him.

On the battlefield, Decors is effectively rotating his troops while taking the lead against the A-Tolls. In other parts of Hathuha, Emperor Krarkenbele of Mejojo and Aio Lane of Jastakarg are starting their own invasions. As the media coverage continues, the AKD characters wonder what will happen next. Aisha in the bar is amused that the civilians are so impressed that Decors is winning with a sword against heavier weapons when the deciding factor in a real fight is speed rather than strength, while the bartender points out that this kind of show will draw more fighters into the conflict.

Lowly knight Arraragi Hite abandons his Knight Police position believing he can make it big if only someone important notices him. Meanwhile, Juzotta of Bakinn-Rakkan requests permission for their knights to assist Hathuha.

Having defeated Nakakara's initial defenses, Krarkenbele is hesitant to advance without knowing who else might show up. Christine V teleports into the area with Fillmore troops. Krarkenbele is impressed with Fillmore's dramatic timing. Fillmore's troops prepare for battle as their air fortress and recovery troops join them; this is Christine's first real battle, and many of their troops only have experience in small-scale conflicts. Both sides charge into melee at full speed. Visibility drops as the lines dissolve into brawling; Krarkenbele is delighted with the fight, as he feels that his responsibility to his people includes keeping them entertained and this conflict is being well covered by the media, but Christine is starting to have trouble keeping up. Fillmore's political leaders on their capital ship are monitoring the battle in luxury, remarking that Christine is finally proving useful and that Hathuha had better lose to Bachtgma or they'll have wasted a lot money teleporting their troops this far. Seirei Co-lus arrives, declaring that their only target is Arr Melody and Fillmore responds with friendly political overtures, but in private Seirei is disgusted at having to get along with the nation that killed her father. On Fillmore's ship, Emperor Dai Gu declares he will be descending to the battlefield with Imperial knights Konig and Nio, much to the consternation of the politicians, who remind him they can always pick a new emperor if he dies.

On the battlefield, Christine is suffering from her childhood PTSD over killing and as she is being sedated she recalls a conversation with Dai Gu on during the trip over where he gave her his grandmother Kensei Ena's earrings. Back at Hathuhunt, Decors is rotating his troops again as Bosjasfort arrives at the palace. Making an overly-dramatic entrance, he points out to Kaien that his pure Super Empire descent makes him susceptible to Hibrain mind control and offers him the opportunity to stand aside, but Kaien refuses and dies protecting Mugumika, who is killed shortly after. With the loss of Mugumika's psychic barrier, Magdall teleports into the palace in a rage but is expected by Bosjasfort. Magdall's psychic strength is monstrously strong, but Bosjasfort has much more experience in psychic combat and defeats her. Meanwhile, the mixing of Kaien and Mugumika's blood fulfils an ancient prophecy, calling forth the ancient Empress Nein in the form of a dragon nymph. Nein orders last remaining knight Haird Grover to escape with the unconscious Magdall, and attacks Bosjasfort with a giant explosion of flame. King Coretto declines the offer of escape himself, and goes down with the palace as Nein destroys it in a funeral pyre, only delaying long enough to order the remaining AP Knights to retreat. Far away, the previous Atoll Priestess Funft hears a child crying in her mind, and guardian dragons awake.

Among the retreating Hathuha forces Depre has collapsed from his psychic connection to Magdall. Arr and MH Meight Maggy Colter, accompanied by two Scritti division members depart to assist with troop recovery. Meanwhile, the Jastakarg forces continue to advance into Girel, with Rosso empire forces fighting nearby. Nonna Straus of Kubalkan is observing the fighting going on when she is surprised by the sudden entrance of the Booray mercenaries and a previously unknown MH: the Phantom, piloted by Naias Brunhild.

Fatima Machi is retreating with the Neptune, but runs into an enemy patrol who challenges the unconscious Highlander to a fight, but Dai Gu arrives just in time to save them. Krarkenbele is impressed and almost goes to fight him, but is forced to change his plans after hearing that Hathuha has fallen. In the remains of the capital, Decors comments on Bosjasfort's injuries and wonders if it's safe to have let Magdall survive. Bosjasfort asserts that he caused sufficient brain damage to obstruct her Diver abilities but orders trackers Kesagi and Kaeshi after her regardless. Discussing the aftermath of the fight, Bosjasfort explains they're not going to keep the city after winning because leaving it will cause even more trouble for Hathuha's divided resources than keeping it or destroying it completely would. Dai Gu looks over the Fillmore elements now that the fight is over and prepares for talks with the nearest Hathuha division.

At Dr. Koop's residence back in Fillmore proper, various dignitaries discuss the turn of events and what to do about the now empty Kensei position. The majority of qualified individuals are now too old, and those few who are viable choices would refuse it. Dr. Koop takes the opportunity to introduce Muddler Moiroi, whose Fatima Bercut is one of his creations. She apologizes for not being able to help, but the others understand her completely pacifist stance despite her innate skill. A flashback shows her father being disappointed in her lack of combat skill, and her mother calling Kaien to test her daughter: she manages to completely avoid Kaien's impressive skirt-flipping attack. A different scene is shown of her alternate personality Spark explaining to Jabo that her other self realizes her power is too strong and refuses to use it because she would immediately become a destructive monster because killing is too easy.

Troops invading Kastepo and three nearby villages are annihilated by a dragon and Funft laments the loss of life, while Sopp is wondering where Spark went.

Promenade 1: Monologue Girl Cha's High School Life
Cha Tea(Wascsha Cordante) is an underclassman at Luminous High, part-timing at the local pretzel cafe for spending money. She is friendly with both her peers and with upperclassmen, including the school's "Queen", Kirstin Star, and "Prince" Geordie. As graduation prom approaches, her friends ask her to help get them dates among the upperclassmen so they can attend the dance rather than just assisting. Geordie confesses to Cha that Kirstin is actually going to be held back a year due to poor attendance, though she will be allowed to attend the prom, and asks Cha to look out for her next year as most of her close friends will be graduating. Despite assumptions that Geordie and Kirstin are together, he explains that he's just being taken care of by her family and that there really isn't anything going on between them. While helping with the prom, Cha recognizes the school's honorary director as a distant relation (Ladios Sopp). To her surprise Geordie asks her to dance with him. While talking with Sopp after the party, she sees Geordie leaving dispite Kristin's protest, having been inspired by Cha to find the solutions to his own problems himself. At the local airport, Nonna recognizes Naias passing by and tries to go after her, but can't catch up. Naias meets up with Geordie, who seems unsurprised to see her. Later, Kirstin comes to the pretzel shop and drags Cha away with her to find Geordie after hearing that her prince was taken away by a suspicious tall woman.
(The implication is that Kirstin and Geordie are Natrium Xing Sakurako and John Weinzel from Traffics 2.)

FSS Volume 12
Majestic Stand 2-1: Both 3031 Smoke Walls
In the ancient ruins of the Super Empire's planetary capital in Kastepo, Funft meets with Nein, who asks her to take up her old position once again and reminisces about the dragons humanity is only borrowing this planet from and the decline in power of both knights and robots since the Super Empire's days. Nein has a vision of meeting Sopp here in the future at the end of her time.

In the ruins of Hathuhunt, Bosjasfort gives his greetings to Meeth, assuring her that she will be allowed to leave safely. He almost invites her to Bachtgma, but realizes this would be uncouth and stops himself. Meeth surprises him by asking about his wounds despite being an enemy. Bosjasfort starts to greet Auxo but instinctively understands that she is broken; though he is not an expert, the skills to create Fatima and MH originally branched from Diver Alchemy. Meeth gives Auxo Kaien's sword as Bosjasfort leaves and Auxo cries, declaring that she couldn't even talk to Schpertor anymore when she went to say goodbye and she continues to call Kaien "Master" even though he released her.

Joe Gide Matlia is looking over Schpertor and asks Decors if he can have it, since he's stuck with a crappy Awaken when weaker knights like Kesagi and Kaeshi get Gust Temples. Decors isn't sure about calling Awakens crappy, but admits Gide was right behind him in kills. There is a moment of panic as Decors points out this MH needs a physical startup key, but Kaien turns out to have left it in the ignition. The support staff ask Decors if it's really alright to just take the Kensei's MH, but Decors points out that this is exactly what they're trying to do: convince no-name people that if they come to Bachtgma they really might hit it big and make a name for themselves.

Est finds Meeth on the battlefield and hesitantly asks for medical help for Bachtgma's injured. Meeth declares that she should have asked sooner because meights are always conflict neutral, while berating herself for viewing Est as an "enemy" for even a moment.

Kaeshi and Kesagi continue to track Haird and Magdall, accompanied by a Diver squad. Haird breaks into a civilian house to get a less distinctive change of clothes. Kaeshi's group catches up to Haird on a highway, but is interrupted by the arrival of (child) Rogner. He retreats after realizing he can't win, but Kesagi is in Haird's way on the other side. Haird defends herself with the move she learned from Arr and kicks him between the legs. Rogner remarks to Ietta that he's actually relieved Kaien's dead so he won't have to put up with being compared to a "mere human" anymore, which amuses her. Rogner has a short discussion with his agent Elena, in rather ridiculous disguise. Meanwhile, Nein tells Funft the story behind the Water of Life and a prophecy of the destruction of planet Kalamity.

Majestic Stand 2-2: History's Greatest (Pains) -- The Three Storm Princesses
Hathuha's Union remaining government meets in Subath, nearest city to the destroyed capital, but many of the member territories do not believe anything will be accomplished; Munster in northern Nakakara even declares independence for the duration of the military conflict. Depre remains unconscious while Magdall and Haird are still missing. On the possibility that other Hathuha divisions may be concerned only for their immediate regions and not for Hathuha as a nation, Arr offers to check out the situation in Nakakara. Maggy notes that Arr is still wearing her old family colors and complains that she fears being with Hathuha may make enemies of Co-lus and tells her off for it: as far as anyone here is concerned, she's one of Hathuha's knights. Maggy even tells Arr that they all chipped in to buy her clothes in Hathuha colors for her birthday. Rudely interrupting this touching moment, Meister Cyan shows up with the clothing in question and is immediately berated by Maggy for wandering into a warzone. After the situation calms down, Cyan admits that she came because she felt Kaien deserved to have at least one person crying at his grave for him and everyone else is probably too busy.

Arr and her escort are flying towards Nakakara and the Scritti troops pick up enemy forces. They offer to distract them while Arr takes a detour and assure her they'll be able to run away if things get bad. While detouring however, Arr is suddenly attacked by Green Naper in Machine Messiah Auge, accompanied by mass media. His only goal is to have a public duel between two beautiful machines. Arr has a hard time and her escort can't break away from their enemies to assist until a red Phantom appears to back them up. Arr and Naper are suddenly interrupted by Seirei, who declares the Engage to still be Co-lus property and tells them both to stand down. Fatima Diode reminds Naper that Co-lus is an allied nation and he shouldn't get in a fight with them. Being a legal expert, he starts quoting bylaws regarding interruption of duels-in-progress at Seirei, but she quickly becomes frustrated and declares that Arr is her prey and anyone else will have to go through them first. The conversation quickly devolves into a volley of childish insults between Seirei and Arr, until the Scritti troops arrive and blind everyone to make an escape. Back in Co-lus the other royals discuss what to do about the situation, eventually deciding that they can spin Seirei's "go through us first" statement into a position of supporting Hathuha, and opt to send Mallory Hiarak to help her. A visiting Aisha Cordante mentions that Mallory was famous even among the Mirage Knights as the Diemos Hiarak's last student and the master of Co-lus's third storm Fatima (Hurricane, Cyclone, Mousson).

Mallory, having immediately run out of money tries to hitchhike to Munster, but panics when the approaching vehicle is a dorrey. It turns out to be Aisha, already on the lookout for Mallory. Mallory badmouths her, but Aisha likes her straightforward attitude.

Haird continues to be chased by Bachtgma's ninjas, but suddenly Loundwound Spacorn appears and rescues her. He explains that he's not here representing AKD, but that Amaterasu is overlooking the personal actions of those Mirage Knights who are showing up to fight against Bachtgma.

Traffics 3-1
Both 3030: To the Holy City Laan
John Weizmel watches the mysterious Booray mercenaries defeat a Fillmore troop. At his questioning, Naias explains that they're actually a secret instructional troop of Fillmore's, which surprises him after the fight he just saw, but Naias declares that fighting with one's life on the line is the only way to progress as a knight. Naias brings the conversation to her scar, comparing it to the one on John's wrist. In flashback, an arrogant Naias is hit on by foolish-looking Kaien, and then soundly defeated. Naias has a slight emotional breakdown upon remembering Kaien's death before they could even go on the date she had bet on their duel, but quickly recovers after some cake. Continuing the conversation, she wonders if John's scar, like her own, is a reminder of his ultimate goal of strength. As he leaves the camp he reveals he still has the gloves Est made for him, now too small to wear.

Arriving in Munster, John doesn't know what to do, but spies Aisha and Mallory and decides to make use of them. Aisha recognizes him from Traffics 2, but confronted with a handsome man decides the best course of action is to capture him.

A medical checkup reveals to Lound and Haird that Magdall is in some sort of psychic stasis, possibly as an instinctive defense against Bosjasfort's attack, but without a specialist they can do nothing about her state. They decide to go to the holy city Laan. Lound decides to leave the dorrey with the storage syndicate so as not to draw undue attention. The proprieter suggests that Haird and Magdall must be Lound's wife and child and he plays along, much to Haird's surprise. He also gives them a pair of Magdall's mother Jabo's old earrings that were left in storage, under the premise of being a forgotten item.

Elsewhere, Arraragi Hite is passing himself off to locals in a bar as Kensei Kaien, only to be easily defeated by Bachtgma's ninjas investigating rumors of Kaien. He begs them to take him with them, willing to do anything if only they'll recognize him, and Tomoe notes that they need to fill out the losses from the Magdall chase anyway. Baggi's not real impressed with all these young punks in their flashy clothes, but he manages to recover from almost insulting Biz Viz, also following up Kaien rumors.

Three of Amaterasu's aspects discuss Magdall's situation, suspecting that there may well be no recovery for her, while John asks Aisha for help getting at Decors. The presencs of multiple other Mirage Knights drives home to him how little strength he really has. Aisha parallels John's chase after Est with her own chase after Sopp, seguing into an explanation of house politics back in AKD by Ikaruga to Tightnaven. Sopp, meanwhile, is informed that Lachesis is sulking, and to such an extent that she's been gnawing on support pillars in the palace, but he is unable to determine what's got her so upset.

Deom Rupert of Konellah meets and agrees to a contract with representatives of the System Caligula syndicate who declare their long history of support roles. He further shows them the incomplete MH Kanare Cord, detailing his belief that Etraml systems have greater room for improvement than Fatima systems despite their current inferiority.

A grim fatima (Hugtlang) stands atop a dorrey while animated conversation goes on inside, wondering if there will be any worthy opponents for her battlefield in 150 years.

Aisha and Braford discuss John's situation, wondering at his immense potential and suspecting Est had started him on the path to being a first-class knight on purpose.

Sopp finally seems to have figured out what Lachesis wanted, but now he needs someone else to be political representative for AKD. The servants proceed to assault Ikaruga and disguise him as Aisha for the Grees summit.

Aisha has agreed to support John on the condition that he takes Palsuet, the Fatima he rescued in Traffics 2 with him, as a knight without a Fatima is useless. She purposely riles him up until he accidentally declares his acceptance, and Palsuet is overjoyed at having a master again.

Arr meets with the Distave division director, who as expected declares that he has no troops to spare to help others. Returning to her escort, they pass a message that she should go on to Laan instead of coming back, probably to keep her out of Co-lus's reach. System Caligula cyborg LDI-20 watches from the shadows.

Majestic Stand 2-3: Smoke Walls
Laan 3031
Funft is carried to Laan by dragon, which is viewed passing overhead by the Fillmore troops. Dai Gu talks with his people and it becomes increasingly apparent that everyone is keeping secrets from each other. The Imperial knights talk among themselves about his development as an Emperor and resolve to continue following him. Dai Gu's grandmother, former Kensei Ena has a ceremonial arrival, and he carries her up a hill himself rather than leave her in a wheelchair. Their conversation grows less formal as it goes on, until Ena finally reveals that she's been getting rejuvenation treatments and can walk perfectly well on her own. Dai Gu confesses his fears that he will be regarded as a villain by future generations; that he needs the conflict here to last decades until the Fillmore presence becomes permanent because he knows the rest of the empire on Kalamity won't last.

In the southern part of Nakakara, Nonna Straus and Muse van Rayback wonder at how long Hathuha will be recovering as Kubalkan declares they will support Hathuha's refugees (but only those in the regions near them).

Ena goes to see Christine V, who is still in shock. She has no willpower to go on, but Ena sees her old earrings and explains to Christine the history and meaning behind Dai Gu giving them to her and she recovers her composure.

Prima Classe Hugtlang
In a clash of multiple different forces, Hugtlang searches out the strongest opponent while assuring her inexperienced master that she's finding the weakest. Sakurako worriedly watches from the sidelines and Rogner curses his late arrival. Sakurako is immediately suspicious of Rogner, but Rogner asks her how much she really knows about the friends she's watching for; she is shocked and disbelieving that Hugtlang is a super-high-spec Ballanche Fatima, especially since she is a skilled meight herself. In response to Rogner's deadpan lack of reaction she tells him everything she's heard about this Fatima.

Promenade 2: Cha's Friend Emily Appears!
Cha and Sakurako are at the airport waiting for Cha's friend Emily to show up. When she finally does, Sakurako is upset that Emily is clearly drawing more attention than herself and ends up forcing a mask and sunglasses on her. When asked about how they met, Cha describes working as a housemaid once and meeting her as a fellow servant. Emily appears shy and overly polite, and develops a keen fondness for Cha, which gradually turns into stalking. Upon finding out Cha's contract is up, Emily forces Cha down and threatens her into being her master. At this point Sakurako screams in frustration that normal people would have figured out she was a Fatima at that point, and Rogner agrees that Cha's whole family is weird that way. Sakurako asks him why such a great Fatima would pick a weak partner anyway and he explains that Hugtlang is capable of self-improvement based on combat experience, and purposely picks a weak partner to handicap her extremely high stats. Sakurako thinks Ballanche is an idiot for wasting a Fatima like that, but Rogner responds that Ballanche's true genius was in always looking forward to the next Fatima instead of being satisfied with his own work.

Hugtlang is having trouble keeping up with the fight despite her own capabilities and those of the MH. A flashback of her asking Sopp for a MH results in Sopp rejecting all of his Mirage machines on the basis that Cha might still get herself killed even with those, and then realizing that KOG isn't doing anything these days. He offers to strip down the KOG and replace its armor for them to use, revealing that Cha is somehow still managing to lose even with Hugtlang and the KOG. Rogner prepares to intervene until Cha manages to trip over and land a clean hit by accident while falling down. Her opponent makes a break for it and Cha decides to count it as a victory, while everyone else is appalled.

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Re: The Story So Far

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Thank you ! Thank you !
... a step closer to translation finally!

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Re: The Story So Far

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That's awesome! Thanks.

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Re: The Story So Far

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Thanks, thanks, thanks :)
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Re: The Story So Far

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Thank you - really.

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Re: The Story So Far

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A summary of the new chapters:

Gira is venting to Schmeis Baidet (Second Skins division leader) about the loss of Nakakara and Girel when Ballanka interrupts with a status update (recapping the events of volume 12). The conference is interrupted when Weismell makes an ambush with Daccas (Vatshu) and his team of eight. Second division is caught off guard and can only mobilize 3 units in response so Schmeis hands over his Gat Blow to Oocut and orders her to evacuate the rest. Oocut, leading the Assilia-equipped Fatimas, show off their stuff - in an emergency, fatimas can remote control MHs, but it is very limited control and more an instinctive capability than an actual skill. Buch tries to break them up and manages to get Miron, but Oocut fires a dispersion round that messes with his shielding to obscure his vision. Schmeis picks up Miron and the fatimas go into safety mode. He then orders a retreat, Second division having lost 6 units. Meanwhile, Joe is revelling in Schpeltor's power, racking up his fifth kill of the day. After all is said and done, Weismell comments on the swing block on the left shoulder having slight problems and decides to do a full overhaul on Vatshu, ordering Est to have a checkup done by Morard (She's unique enough that Meeth can't just do it). Meanwhile, Joe is bragging about his exploits, boasting about how he might even overtake Weismell. When Ninaris interrupts, he tells her off and makes an unfavourable comparison to Est, bringing her to tears.

Joe and his buddies are kvetching over Weismell getting all the media attention even though it was him that spearheaded the frontal assault. He notices Est in the paper and notes how cute her S-type uniform is, ordering Ninaris to change into one. Buch makes a visit with Hite and Joe has some fun with him (alluding to his masquerade as Kaien). Ninaris returns wearing an obviously ill-fitting suit and Joe is disgusted by the results, driving her to tears once again. He fantasizes about getting Auxo as a new partner while she cries in a corner. Meanwhile, Hite is assigned as an escort to Est by Weismell, who also takes the opportunity to poke fun at him. Hite is excited until he meets Meeth, whom he is immediately smitten with. The other 5-string meights arrive afterward - Morard brings Build, who meets Est for the first time (!), Cork, who still treats Meeth as a school student, Xing (Sakurako) and Zinc. Morard comments on how titchy Xing (and her chest) is, leading to instant friction - Zinc takes Xing down a notch by commenting on how Xing is having nightmares about Hugtlang (Promenade), leading to an instant freak-out session. The chapter closes with the debut of O'Haine of the Lake, who takes the craft she is piloting into stealth mode.
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Re: The Story So Far

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Cheers & a handful of Corn Nuts to you folks for your efforts in clearing up the untranslated remainder (and long-awaited followups) to The Stories!

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Re: The Story So Far

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Awesome! Thanks Eushung. You da best!

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