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FSS anime script

Post by Lalasa » Fri Nov 26, 2004 10:54 am

Since this is FSS, I'll put it up. Though, I don't know if this anime script will be of interest to anyone since reading without the anime there is rather strange.


I've seen the anime, which was a vcd recorded from a very bad vhs copy of another vhs copy of yet another vhs that itself is from the original. As you can no doubt tell from that descending description, the picture quality of the one I saw was not very good. However, despite the poor copying, the animation itself is absolutely gorgeous since the colors are not too saturated, with buildings, characters and the more important objects crisply outlined. There is a lot of depth and definition especially in the eyes with the characters themselves drawn as faithfully to the manga as can be for a moving picture.

The storyline follows closely to Japanese book 1 or English #1 thru #3, except for little discrepencies in the interaction between Viewlard and Sopp, and Sopp and Lachesis.

I'm not sure where you can get the anime. My friend lives close to an independent movie store and that place as a bootleg, Hong Kong version of it. Strangely enough, most anime subtitled to English in Hong Kong makes more sense to me than the American dub or subs and this was the case for me with the FSS anime. I doubt it would be this way for most others, so this is a word of precaution.

There are two versions circling, one is the HK subs and the other is the traditional fan subs. If you cannot stand HK subs, then beware if you find one or you might get that on accident and become supremely frustrated with the translations and its sometimes bizarre placements on the screen.


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