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Found more discrepancies. :P

From the Colus family tree, we see that it is Colus 19th who formed the Colus Dynasty after merging with Ballanka and Meistner. He is the first Colus King to achieve this and attained the title of "Dis".

From the timeline in JC2875, it says it is Colus 22nd who formed Colus Dynasty after merging with neighbouring countries.

The English timeline for 2875 actually says merging with Ballanka and Meistner, but in the original JP version, it just says "several neighbouring countries". We should take the JP version as reference.

One way to explain is that the Colus Kingdom merged with Ballanka and Meistner during Colus 19th's era, and later took in the smaller neighbouring countries during Colus 22nd's reign. But still there is the discrepancy regarding the forming of Colus Dynasty...
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