Which side would you support? Hathuha vs Buchtgma

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Which side would you support? Hathuha vs Buchtgma

Hathuha (Holy Empire Atoll)
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Hathuha (Holy Empire Atoll)
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Magic Kingdom Buchtgma
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Post by Lalasa » Fri Oct 22, 2004 6:46 am

Rubel Colus wrote:Amaterasu is taking up the blame to be the initiator for the Grand Invasion, yet unknown to the people of Joker, his main purpose is for peace. Perhaps he knows that he cannot be accepted, and the people can only accept a ruler whom they have chosen, i.e. Colus XXVI. Peace should follow under this new ruler.
*blinks* I thought that was already fact? Unless I'm reading waaaay too much into that sword giving thing between Amaterasu and the latest Colus...that or I mis-translated some of that stuff. I could also be delusional and be making something up about an event that isn't all that relevent

But yeah, Nagano did say something about peace not occuring any time soon or even later.
Nu Soard Graphite wrote:Hey! Don't forget about Amaterasu Mikoto. Dead for nigh on 700 years and still she shows up to help defend Float Temple from Vos and his cronies.

From the opening scene in volume 11 (Japanese) Max seems to be someone of importance in Heaven, so just because Tatsuminre wipes him out doesn't mean that'll be the last we see of him :)
That's true. *laughs* My favorite female character. Asian afterlife beliefs are weird. When I read that she was already dead by the time the story started/current events, I was confused. Isn't she a God/dess? How could she die? Then I realized it was just the physical husk giving out. Her true form can't die...or maybe she doesn't die at all, simply going to another universe when she thinks her time in this one is done and hasn't left anything behind.

*amused* The poor God/dess, having to trek back to beat Amaterasu upside the head whenever she thinks he needs it. Maybe I should say the poor God of Light, instead...



Post by Tomexe » Fri Oct 29, 2004 10:11 am

Nu Soard Graphite wrote:
Rubel Colus wrote:
Hmm, now that you mentioned, I dont recall that it was mentioned anywhere in the manga. :D Were there any side notes in the English Volumes - the part where Jabo was killed by Vos? Anyway, it was mentioned in Knight Flags and such. For those who are not aware, Beauty is the head of a very huge and rich financial group and she was providing the financial support for Vos. She's the least talked about of the Black Three. :? That is how Buchtgma get the money for its military operations. ;)
So thats where they got their money from. I was wondering how Vos managed to take over a nation rich enough to be able to take on Hathua plus. Considering that Hathua is the biggest/richest nation on Both, and I'm sure Siburu alone didn't have the MH forces or weath (to build said forces) to take on one of the big boys in the galaxy.
If this is the true reason for Amaterasu's Grand Invasion, then I think it is fundamentally flawed. The Grand Invasion would've weakened both sides - AKD and non-AKD. It would not make sense if Amaterasu really feels threatened by an external force, yet invades everyone else resulting in a weakened AKD. Unless he had very very bad timing. :D Many people speculate that Routh's last words might be the reason Amaterasu started the Grand Invasion, but then again he had already prepared all these LED Mirages much earlier - a sign that he had planned for world domination. Perhaps Amaterasu was hesitant and Routh's last words encouraged him to go ahead? Would'nt know until the story unfolds...
I too have heard this "rumor" about Routh's last words to Sopp. What are they? It could be anything from "Make the killing stop" to "The galaxy needs someone strong to lead it...someone strong enough to make them all listen..." it could be absolutely anything.
However I have read that the galaxy is thrown into serious political turmoil after the Majestic Stand conflict is finished (which takes 40 years!) and that the power vacuum created by this causes a significant shift in power between nations, causing even more chaos. I'm sure this is the event that gets Amaterasu seriously thinking about beating sense into everyone. Its probably Routh's last words that spurr him into actions that he was already considering.
Should I say SPOILERS? Highlight to read about Vagires, Stant, etc.

Vagires (is Nagano trying to say Valkyries?) is another name for Satan Life Watching Overlord, those creepy devil looking creatures that appeared in the Water Dragon side story and also came out of the Lid in the Float Temple. I think NSG was trying to say that AKD didnt manage to unify all the four systems so as to be able to lead all Jokerians to fight these Vagires. AKD only managed to conquer Addler and Both before JC3225 - when Stant system was closing in on them (check Timeline). Amaterasu and his Mirage Knights traveled to Stant to fight them. Max died in the battle after defeating Tantsuminley (demon's lord).
This is the event about which I wrote earlier. The Vagires invading the Joker Galaxy is an event for which all of Joker should be united against. I believe this is the primary reasoning behind Amaterasu's attempt to unify the galaxy...I could be way off, but I don't think so.

More Spoilers:

It is said that the Mirages get their butt's kicked so badly during the Space War with the Vagires that the creation of the Wunderschatze and the Cloudschatze are a direct result of that. Amaterasu decided he wanted a dedicated space fighter with the power of a MH in his forces because his MH forces got decimated at Stant....
Ok, he is starting to get eerily close to real life here...

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