Prices for English FSS volumes?

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Prices for English FSS volumes?

Post by gogglev » Wed May 13, 2009 2:55 am

Hi everyone,

I apologize if this is the wrong forum to post this in, please move or delete this thread if it is not in the correct thread.

I have a set of English five star story manga up to volume 14 or so that I have had for probably around 6-7 years I think. I really liked them, but it got to a point where they were just too much work to track down and with the economy as it is, I am looking to sell them to some FSS fans. The ebay prices seem rather inflated, and I’d like to sell them for a reasonable price but I am not really sure how much they are worth. The issues are pretty much brand new and I only read them once. Could anyone here me with pricing for these? Thanks for all your help.

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Re: Prices for English FSS volumes?

Post by Tachyon » Wed May 13, 2009 1:06 pm

I recommend you move this post to FSS Trade. As for pricing, I bought my issues so long ago that I'm not sure how to price them.
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