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Metal Fate

newbie question:clueless

Post by Metal Fate » Fri Mar 13, 2009 9:53 am

Dear senior FSS fans, may i ask some questions about the series?i know some of it may sound silly,but please bear with me.

1.What does exactly happen at the Year 7777? in volume 5 New world there was that big ship with aliens,and Rognar,but no signs of Amaterasu and Lachesis.
Why would the KOG end up in space?and what was Taika exactly?it was a planet in another galaxy but what does that have to do with Amaterasu and Joker Galaxy? i can't read Japanese so i'm totally clueless about the story,especially the 7777 thing. If it won't bother you,please enlighten me on the subject.

Thank You very much.


Re: newbie question:clueless

Post by Hel » Fri Mar 13, 2009 12:54 pm


So first download the scaned english version of FSS book 12

In 7777 the Jocker universe end and Kallen (daughter of Amaterasu and one of the Fate) create a new one, the Taika is the name of "the peace or the race", the KOG fatima cockpit is the cofin of Kallen spirit. It append 25 Billion year after the 7777 joker calendar end... Rognar is "special" read it i won't spoil it :)

Hope that helped

And 7777 must be realated to the meaning of 7 in japan (it's considered as a "bad" number)

Metal Fate

Re: newbie question:clueless

Post by Metal Fate » Sat Mar 14, 2009 4:21 pm

Thanks about the 7777 info but
Wh...25 billion years transition betwen Joker and Taika?OMG FSS sure takes imagination to a new level...

and one more question, i saw the genealogical table and see URI 's lifetime period (if you can call it a "lifetime"), it says Infinity-1

So,the whole stretchy timeline is a closed loop? after 7777 the Universe of FSS resets,Taika was born and Amaterasu Omikami was reborn again when the time has come?

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Rubel Colus
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Re: newbie question:clueless

Post by Rubel Colus » Sun Mar 15, 2009 8:10 am

To answer your first question, in year 7777, Amaterasu is finally reunited with Lachesis on Fortune and they are married. The KOG which accompanied Lachesis in her travels is again upgraded by Amaterasu into its final form KOG Version 11 (also called KOG II - do not confuse it with KOG AT). This is the one that carried Kallen in the Taika story New World. Amaterasu also built 7 ultimate MHs: the LED Mirage II and there will be a great war on Fortune. Finally, Amaterasu and Lachesis will become Amaterasu Oomikami the omnipotent god (not sure if this will be in year 7777 itself).

Since time is relative, after The Will left the Joker Cluster, the year 7777 is based on the time spent on the spaceship The Will (its there in the footnotes of the FSS timeline). It is equivalent to 5.67 billion years to the Joker Cluster (the 5.67 bil years hints to the Buddhist belief regarding the coming of the savior - the next Buddha, Maitreya).

Speculation: The coming of the savior (Kallen) and the war on Fortune seemed to me that the Joker Universe war with the SATAN will be concluded on Fortune and won by the 'good' guys. And actually 7 is a lucky or auspicious number for the Japanese (correct me if i'm wrong), so the 7777 is also suggestive of a blessed year. However, 7777 also marks the end of the Joker Universe because we know that Fortune will be the last solar system of the Joker Universe.

[FSS Cosmology: the four solar systems Easter, Wester, Southern and North are collectively called the Joker Cluster, which is part of the Crown Galaxy, in turn one of the galaxies in the Joker Universe]

But then this is only in regards to the Joker Universe. We now know that there are various other universes in the FSS story, including the Taika Universe, the universe where Earth exists (our universe), Fortune universe, and Buster Universe (created/ruled by a god Moikyudo who is the opponent of Kallen and URI, Moikyudo is responsible for sending the SATANs into Joker).

Cosmologically speaking, the people of Taika were originally from the planet Lastafalte of the Taika solar system. You can see the picture in Volume 5 (JP version). The whole structure called the Wall is within the Taika Universe. It is physically separate and different from the Joker Universe.

I used to get the same idea too - that Nagano is hinting that the Joker-Taika timeline is a closed loop. The genealogical table and age of the KOG seem to suggest that. But now I think perhaps all along he meant to show that the timeline of Taika was reversed (relative to the Joker universe) because time is actually relative (relativity), i.e. we can't compare the two different timelines in two different universes.

The KOG II's 25 billion years old age could be due to various reasons. Perhaps the material itself is not well understood or totally alien in Taika so the age is misread. Perhaps it is due to the various spacetime/dimensional travels during Lachesis' time away from Joker that adds up to the age.

So the war between the gods are fought not only in the Joker Universe, but also in the Taika Universe. BTW, the Rogner we see in this New World story is said to be a different person from the one in the Joker world.
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Metal Fate

Re: newbie question:clueless

Post by Metal Fate » Wed Mar 18, 2009 7:20 am

i didn't know nagano took relativity into concern when creating FSS,thanks a lot Rubel Colus.Now i'm more eager to look for the next FSS,and hope Nagano
starts writing again.

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