Unofficial English translation Prima Classe Hugtrang III

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Unofficial English translation Prima Classe Hugtrang III

Post by ForeverFlawless » Thu Aug 30, 2007 7:43 am

Part I here:
Part II here:


Xing: If only choose the weakest knight, wouldn't the system's most powerful abilities be totally useless?
Xing: Ballanche was...a fool?
Rognar: Then listen carefully. Would you be able to do that to your highest creation? Only would you be considered to be the best if you achieve that level. That, at the moment of your greatest achievement, you are able to see beyond, to the after.
Rognar: To others, Hugtrang might be a flawed creation but in actuality, she is a top Fatima. Xing, to emulate yourself after Ballanche will only always make you second-best. You must seek out your own self.
Xing: Wha...what?

Hugtrang: Ma...master is even more powerful than I be so weak until this level.
Hugtrang: Even with my abilities and 36 million and 5 hundred thousand possible scenarios plus riding in Joker's most powerful MH, we can only just match against the Ashura Temple...I...I...feel like I'm going to faint, Master...
Hugtrang: To think even this MH's power can't do it...Mr Sopp ah~~~~
Sopp: Are you serious? (an emperor who can understand even Hugtrang's barking)
Sopp: I don't know if it's possible...Cross Mirage's power isn't enough. And she can't handle Jagt Mirage. Protection duties can fall to Rognar who's pretty free nowadays. But Led Mirage has been banned...
Sopp: No...even so, I'm still worried, especially since it's that child...

Sopp: Hey!! K.O.G! You look bored.
Sopp: If we change and refit the outer armour and strip the cannon, it could be done in two days. Do you want to bring the special doorey used to transport K.O.G which can also store the Buster Launcher as well? Lachesis also did say this child needs more experience.
Hugtrang: Woof! (yes) Woof Woof! (please make sure it's in time) Woof! (don't be late)
Hugtrang: So the real identity of this child is the Knight of Gold!!
Hugtrang: Master, they're coming at us!
Ashura Temple Knight: Preparing to charge!

Ashura Temple Knight: There's an opening. Look out for the timing. Use Dragon Claws!
Ashura Temple Knight: This is the end!!
Hugtrang: Ah!
Rognar: Not good!
Hugtrang (thought): Evade procedure. No, not in time!
(2,112,829,974,531 Possible Evade Procedure Scenarios in 0.763 second)
Hugtrang: Master! Evading is impossible. Prepare to dodge oncoming assault!!
Wacha: What are those claws!
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Post by ForeverFlawless » Thu Aug 30, 2007 8:29 am

Wacha: AH!!
Wacha: OH NO!!
Hugtrang: HUH?
Ashura Temple Knight: To have destroyed my dragon claw by falling backwards!
Ashura Temple Fatima: Master, retreating! Leaving now!
Troop: Mr Pedoar, please retreat behind us. Releasing smoke screen!!
Troop: Retreat! Retreat!

Hugtrang: Master!
Wacha: I'm sorry! I slipped and fell!
Wacha: Is Uncle's MH broken?? I broke it! Lachesis will cry!
Hugtrang: Master...are you alright? Please...please calm down.
Hugtrang: To have defeated the enemy by falling backwards...too brain is fried...
Rognar: I guess this means we will have to take back K.O.G for repairs. Eatta, protect Xing.
Eatta: Nice to meet you, Sakurako Sensei. My name is Eatta.

Wacha: Emily, are you okay?
Hugtrang: I'm fine. That was great.
Wacha: Was it? For a first battle, it wasn't up to par.

Wacha: But for someone like me, I think I did quite well---
Wacha: Present High School Girl Luminous Knight Squad! Although there's only one member at the moment!! For the family! We must work hard! Onwards!
Hugtrang: Yes, Master.
Rognar: Oh, Xing, you mentioned just now that Delta Belune has no records of this girl's family name.
Xing: Huh? Yeah...
Rognar: I think checking her pre-adult name would have been wiser.
Xing: I don't want to!

Prima Classe Hugtrang - THE END~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Post by ForeverFlawless » Thu Aug 30, 2007 8:35 am

Finished! Hope you guys enjoyed that story as it's one of my favourites in book 12 :D I really like Wacha a lot. She's Aisha's younger sister which is already stressful enough. Plus Wacha's own lack of ability as a knight makes her situation even worse. FURTHERMORE, Aisha's been demoted to Queen of Routh, Wacha is now actually the second most important person in the AKD family hierachy as Head of Codante House.

But despite her inferiority complex, she still retains such sweetness and a good heart (and funny too). I liiike her!

Any questions or lobbed tomatoes at my translating skills (or lackof), just type away!

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Re: Unofficial English translation Prima Classe Hugtrang III

Post by GON » Thu Sep 02, 2010 8:32 pm

Please, forgive my poor English skills...

I just read it : your translation is GREAT !! I like it !
Thank you for your hard work.

Before you enlightened this obscure foreign text, I though that the brat with Sakurako was Ikagura or a more matured Zoom, not the new Rognar's clone.
And to think that this seeming Cross Mirage is actualy the KOG !! (poor thing) ^ ^ wow, many thanks !!!

I think That Washa will eventually obtain a real headliner power : she will awaken later, like Viewlard : and when that time will come, what will Hugtrang do ?
i'm so frustrated that Nagano abandonned his FSS... Aaaargh !

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Re: Unofficial English translation Prima Classe Hugtrang III

Post by Nu Soard Graphite » Fri Sep 03, 2010 7:24 am

Thanks a bunch Forever Flawless! You rock.

And GON, you aren't the only one who laments Nagano's lack of focus these days. Although GothicMade looks very FSS-esque so I don't really think he's "abandoned" it all....just switched gears for a bit.

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Re: Unofficial English translation Prima Classe Hugtrang III

Post by Tachyon » Fri Sep 03, 2010 5:22 pm

Forever Flawless, thank you so much. This is really great!
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Re: Unofficial English translation Prima Classe Hugtrang III

Post by Vincent Valentine » Sun Oct 10, 2010 5:39 am

Thanks for your efforts in the translation. It was a pleasure to read! Now I know why it was the KoG under the guise of a Calvary.

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