Unofficial English translation for Prima Classe Hugtrang II

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Unofficial English translation for Prima Classe Hugtrang II

Post by ForeverFlawless » Thu Aug 30, 2007 3:36 am

I know loading a page with large scans can be a killer even with a fast connection! So breaking up Prima Classe Hugtrang into a separate post. Hope it will be easier for you guys!

First part of Prima Classe Hugtrang can be found here:


Cha-Ti (thought): There used to be 15 and above maids in the mansion. There's still a few left now... although the master is no longer around, the mansion is kept going through an inheritance and investments so we can still keep up appearances. No wonder the master used to be the lord around this parts...
Cha-Ti: So cold....can't use a little hot water to wash, it's just like a nun's rigorous training ah-----
Cha-Ti: ??
Cha-Ti (thought): Feels like....Emily is always watching me?

Cha-Ti (thought): Emily? That's my afternoon outfit...
Cha-Ti: Emily? That's
Emily: Oh...sorry for waking you up...I realised your dress is a little torn so...did I do something wrong?
Cha-Ti: No...thank you...but it's time to sleep...they switched off the's very cold now...Emily...
Emily: Yes...since Miss Cha has said so, I will obey. I'm...going to bed.

Cha-Ti (thought): So that's how it is...that child tries so hard to make people like her....but her strong desire to please makes me feel uncomfortable...but perhaps I am mean for thinking this way...but being around this child, it seems to make my attitude worse.
Cha-Ti (thought): I....I've always felt like I'm being compared. Like I had been compared to Sister too...
Cha-Ti (thought): Is...Emily looking at me...? I think so...looking at me...I better sleep now!

Cha-Ti: I can't see in front of me------
Cha-Ti: Hm...that's a lot of dead leaves. I remember now. In Japan, they bake potatoes in a heap of leaves. I don't know if potatoes taste good this way---? Do they eat it plain or with honey---?
Viewlard: Hahaha, that's a good idea but something seems off. In Japan, they use those long potatoes which are yellow inside. But it taste good!
Cha-Ti: Oh! A guest? I'm so sorry. I'll get Mr Woods right now!
Viewlard: No! Wait a minute! Please don't call that housekeeper!
Cha-Ti: Huh---?
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Post by ForeverFlawless » Thu Aug 30, 2007 4:05 am

Cha-Ti: Wh..why?
Viewlard: Actually, a long time ago, I teased a girl from this house and almost caused great injury to her. After that incident, the master and Mr Woods seemed to bear a grudge against me
Cha-Ti: Oh---
Viewlard: So please don't tell anyone I'm here and that I visited the master's grave over that hill.
Viewlard: Eheheh!
Cha-Ti: What...what is it??
Viewlard: What's this...such beautiful droopy eyes! That's it! From now on, you shall be nicknamed Droopy Eyes Girl!
Cha-Ti: Ahahahaha! That's so --- mean!
Viewlard: That's right! I wanted this kind of reaction. The people from this mansion are so severe.
Cha-Ti: Oh? That's not really true.

Emily: That man...who is he...why is he so intimate with
Cha-Ti: Have to use the shovel today~~~
Cha-Ti: The cold air is seeping down to my feet...I shall have to ask them for a salary raise

Woods: It's precisely because of all the chores to be done that you are given that salary.
Cha-Ti: Oh!
Woods: This is a pudding that had been cooked with hot water and added with syrup. Do you want one?
Cha-Ti: Hoho, it's moments like this that are the happiest.
Woods: Ahaha, even little things like this make you happy, then you will surely become happy.
Cha-Ti: Am I a fool?
Woods: No, no. Just that gazing at your face makes me feel happy too. I remember...although completely different from Cha-Ti, your sister worked here too. At a party, she kicked an ambassador down a flight of steps for touching her bottom. She even shouted sexual harrassement and poured a bottle of champagne over the offender. All that...became an amusing topic.

Cha-Ti: Sister...she has always been good --- she's always popular wherever she goes...
Woods: Your period of working here will be over tomorrow. Will be lonely without you. When you have your school holidays again, you must come back.
Cha-Ti: Mr Woods...I...that is...
Cha-Ti: I'm thinking of leaving home to be independent...I want to go to a faraway see what I can accomplish alone...I wanted to build my confidence so I came here...and...
Woods: And to escape your scary -- sister?
Cha-Ti: Ah! That's mean! Mr Woods!


Post by ForeverFlawless » Thu Aug 30, 2007 5:07 am

Woods: Mhmmmmmm, so that's the way you think. Alright! In Luminous City, there's a school founded by the master's mother. If by then, you still haven't changed your mind, I can do an introduction for you.
Cha-Ti: Re...really?!
Woods: Yes, really. But I can only introduce you. The school entrance exam is still up to you and can't use any connections to pass!
Cha-Ti: Thank you so much, Mr Woods!
Woods: Hohoho, I'm also looking forward to Cha-Ti's future endeavours.
Emily: Wha...Miss Cha is leaving...tomorrow? How can this be....
Emily: Such a thing...I won't allow it!!

Cha-Ti: Why is it snowing again... I - Cha-Ti - while warming her poor little cold fingers hurries back to her own room, step by step. Ah, I feel like a poet---
Cha-Ti: Emily? What is it?
Emily: won't be here...tomorrow?
Cha-Ti: Uh, uh...
Emily: I....I....always...always...I...

Emily: Miss Cha...
Emily: I...regarding Miss Cha...I've always been...Miss Cha...
Cha-Ti: Tha....that...although I've never considered such a situation...
Cha-Ti: No! Emily! AH!
Emily: Miss Cha~~~~
Cha-Ti: No...look...Emily...I'm still a junior'm sure you can imagine my shock----
Emily: Miss Cha...please ill-treat me...

Cha-Ti: Speaking of ill-treatment. Hey, hey, I object to violence! I'm a pacifist! Stop the Blood Chain, eh! eh?
Emily: I...I won't leave you...Miss Cha. Please! Use me for the rest of your life!
Emily: Finally...finally, I found someone I can entrust myself to...if it's Miss Cha, I will listen to every command, no matter what!!
Emily: Whatever it is, no matter if it's something very cruel...even if it's something so unimaginable and will make me even gladder...
Cha-Ti (thought): STOP, I REFUSE!!~~~~~~~~~~~ AH?
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Post by ForeverFlawless » Thu Aug 30, 2007 6:33 am

Cha-Ti: Will listen to me, no matter what....
Emily: Yes!
Cha-Ti: Then let me up now!
Emily: Yes, I will obey but before that, Miss Cha...
Emily: Please let me call you Master...
Cha-Ti: You...a dog?
Emily: Yes! I am Miss Cha's dog! Please instruct me however you like! Woof, woof, woof!
Cha-Ti: This girl is truly strange...

Xing: Give me a break! Fooooooooool!!!! You should have realised she was not a human at least!!!!!
Rognar: Everyone in that family behaves like that under such situations.
Xing: Controlled by your own Fatima, what kind of Knight is this...(A Knight who lack the strength to fight off a Fatima....what to do....)
Rognar: Quite embarrassing.
Wacha: Are you alright, Emily? Not tired?
Hugtrang: No, I'm okay. This is truly...wonderful!
Wacha: What?
Hugtrang: Not...nothing!
Rogar (off-panel, talking to Xing): It's up to you whether to believe about Hugtrang or not. But let me tell you about Hugtrang...

Rognar: She possesses power gauges beyond Ballanche's Queen and Parthenon and is his real highest creation. Furthermore, on Hugtrang, Ballanche went a step further.
[Ashura Temple Knight: How annoying. The battleline has shifted. How much longer is this fellow going to continue.
Ashura Temple Fatima: Master, at this rate, I'm afraid the troops will...
Ashura Temple Knight: No choice! We will give it our all in the next move!
Rognar: And the reason is to surpass the '3A' power gauge.
Rognar: 'Self-Challenge Program' --- in order to make herself even stronger, Hugtrang's chosen conclusion is to pair herself with the weakest knight and battle the strongest opponents.
Xing: HUH?!
Rognar: What she desires are the hardest, most difficult battles. Because of this goal, that's why her partner cannot be the strongest knight nor a regular one. If Hugtrang pairs herself up with an average-strength knight, she will most likely win easily. If so, it will lose meaning.
Rognar: So Hugtrang will only choose the weakest knight as her partner and fight the strongest MHs to continually challenge and improve herself.
Xing: Eh...wait...
Rognar: Impressive program. Only Ballanche could have thought of it...
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Post by ForeverFlawless » Thu Aug 30, 2007 6:36 am

Whew! I think I have to further spilt the postings! On to Post 3~~~

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