Who are your favourite Fatimas?

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Who are your favourite Fatimas?

Post by ForeverFlawless » Tue Aug 14, 2007 9:01 am

Since some folks had said the board here is rather slow, I thought I'll open a new topic for fun. Not sure if I'll get any responses but well...take your time to reply?? :wink:

So, people! Ye who read FSS, please state who are your Top Three Favourite Fatimas (I chose three because there's so many fatimas that one might be hard to decide!) and please explain why if possible!


1) Clotho. Because she's tragic. Tragic, tragic, tragic. Holed up for a few hundred years inside a dank MH simply because she's the most powerful fatima ever created. In love with Colus 3rd but he's already married and not to mention, he only loves Ulicle. And I just recently discovered her intended master, Colus 6th has another fatima, Delta Belun. He's already going to marry Daizina Meistner and now Clotho can't even be his only fatima. Tragic, tragic....

2) Paluset. Because she was faithful and finally Jhon acknowleged her as his fatima (even if he said temporarily until he defeats Decors but we, the readers, know better, hohoho)

3) Hugtrang. Joker's only fatima who can push down a knight and force (poor?) Wacha to accept her.


So far, these are my favourite fatimas but I do, and tend to change when new books and fatimas come out, lol.

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Rubel Colus
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Post by Rubel Colus » Tue Aug 14, 2007 9:42 am

LOL... how very true - its hard for me to decide even when i chose my 3 most favourite. xD

Clotho - Same reason. but probably also because the story of Colus (vol 2-3 JP) left a very deep impression in me.

Orchestro - like her plastic style looks :oops: (so happy when Nagano made the comic side-story with her as protagonist ).

Megaera - great background story on her and Mission Rouath, seems to have a very gentle character.

Those are my top three. The Paluset story is very touching too, esp when Jhon calls out her name wrongly, just like her previous master.
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Post by Tachyon » Tue Aug 14, 2007 12:41 pm

1) Magaera
2) Ssizz (Shizu)
3) Eatta

Their calm natures and sense of style appeal to me.
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Post by Zoxesyr » Wed Aug 15, 2007 3:03 am

1 - Parthenon - because she is so whacked out
2 - Est - because she is the real owner of the Vatshu
3 - Auxo - because of who she really is.

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Nu Soard Graphite
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Post by Nu Soard Graphite » Wed Aug 15, 2007 3:33 am

1: Eatta. I just really like how she looks. And her master is my favorite FSS character, so I guess it fits

2: Est. The entire story surrounding her and the Vatshu is utterly fascinating.

3: Parthenon. Yeah, as mentioned above, its cause she's whacked.


Post by parasyte » Fri Aug 17, 2007 6:38 pm

1- Est - her storyline
2 - auxo - the 'poem' after being 'revived' by Dr koks
3 - ssizz - somehow i just like this name


Post by gogolotus » Wed Aug 22, 2007 9:45 pm

My favorite Fatima...Wow that's a tough question.

#1) Est/Vascha - Hands down. I love everything about her! Her storyline makes me tear ; _ ; Shes also one of the few fatimas that come out very often through out the whole series. (Come on, she was the first fatima that appears in the first book!) Her relationship with Jhon is so beautiful!

#2) Lachesis- Aww, I'm kinda sad no one has mentioned her yet when shes the main character. I didn't really care much for her until I saw her kick Shaft and Zoom's ass. I used to be a bit iffy about her true form's design but after seeing her total awesomeness I came to like it. I like how she has 2 different sides to her, it's really mysterious and it kind of reminds me of Est/Vascha.

#3) Atropos- Just...awesome. I like how strong and distinct her character is. She stands out the most to me out of all the fatimas simply because she shows so much emotion. Well of course she shows emotion, since shes not under mind control. xD The same goes to Lachesis and Clotho, but I just love how Atropos is (probably) the only fatima that can "hate". Well, not really hate but she did have bitter feelings towards Ballance since he didn't put her under mind control.

There's so many other fatimas I want to mention here.... D:

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Post by Falk » Fri Aug 31, 2007 6:06 pm


My choice probably differes if I'm thinking about the style or the story...
So it's difficult to really make a top 3...

Atropos indeed. If like Tachyon I tend to prefere "calm" characters (well, calm, but kind of impertinent, sarcastic, but not in a mean way, maybe I just don't find the right word to explain my thoughts^^), the whole "mind control" thing isn't my cup of tea. So as she's not under mind control and has a strong caracter, and choses her own way, she's probably my favourite fatima.

And then mostly because of style, Eatta (and maybe cuz' she's Rogner's fatima) and Magaera (that blue plastic style suit is really something), with Tisphone and Ssizz not far behind.

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