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Post by Tachyon » Sun Jun 17, 2007 12:16 am

Any feedback? Your help is appreciated.
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Post by Falk » Wed Jun 20, 2007 4:12 pm

2 questions^^ :
  • "under the orders of King Rupert II"
    This is the guy with weird eyes sitting in a throne ?
  • "NOTE: Apparently, the Guards of Xio are a secret, shadowy group of Super Empire knights which possess the hand of Caligraph as proof. However, they differ slightly from true AD era chivalries, like EV-3. The talking knight is known as BBI 6."
    Mmh... yeah ? :P
    What's this all about ? Electro Knights don't have names ? Only code names/numbers ? Who EV-3 ? who's BBI 6 ?
    What's the hand of Caligrash ?

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Post by Euhsung » Wed Jun 20, 2007 4:45 pm

Rupert II is the guy with snake eyes

a bit of clarification: the hand of Caligraph is an insignia that identifies the bearer as a Chieftain, which is a secret group. The mark isn't always on the hand, but in this case it is. Eg Zwanig's mark is on her forehead in Designs 1

The Electro Knights are identified by unit number, yes. They are cyborgs now, so it makes them seem all the more inhuman.

Falk, you run an FSS site in French right?

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Rubel Colus
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Post by Rubel Colus » Thu Jun 21, 2007 12:46 am

Several things i wanna say, so i'd do it in point forms:

- i think the word is Caligula カリギュラ (ref to one of the Roman Emperors).

- If we wanna be particular about the naming, i noticed that:

Electro Knights names: FS3 DB9
Xio related: B-B-A-6 (or BBA・6) E-V-3 (or EV・3) L-D-I-20

the electro knights' naming convention may look like Xio's but there are no punctuations.

- not too sure if electro knights are really cyborgs altho they look very high tech contrary to the dressing sense of rest of the world =X

- unconfirmed if Electro knights are the KAN pilots or as suggested B-B-A-6 n partner being the KAN pilots. (IMO i would think that Electro knights are the KAN pilots)

Character Profiles:

- E-V-3: FarusDi Kanon Chivalry with variable body type. The knight was produced by System Caligura. She slipped into Nakakara to tail Arr and to monitor her. Every part of her whole body is a living weapon.
[notice that L-D-I-20 is also of variable height, so they're probably similar "make"]

- B-B-A-6: One of the knights who appeared before King Rupert II of Empire Conerra (sp?) and is said to be from "Guardian of Xio". Is a Super Empire Knight, had employed the service of the Boowray Knights. Is now trying to employ the service of Connera and its MH KAN.
[notice the eyes are similar to E-V-3, altho he has not yet displayed any ability to shape shift like E-V-3]
Looking for:
- FSS Eng Vol 1(Black cover)


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