Questions on Volume 9

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Questions on Volume 9

Post by Tachyon » Sat Mar 31, 2007 4:23 am

Hello, all. As I work on the material for several Fillmore characters I remember some questions I had on the translated volume 9 of the manga that I recently read.

When Barbeleuse V hears of his daughter Christine accidentally murdering a classmate he enters Lader's throne room and expresses his shame. He commits suicide in front of Lader. In volume 3 of the manga Lader prevented Blreno Canzian from committing suicide. Why didn't Lader prevent Barbeleuse in a similar way?

I'll share my thoughts and people can tell me if I'm correct or not. Lader sat back and allowed Barbeleuse to commit suicide because he knew that if Barbeleuse kept living the shame of being defeated by Decors Weismal plus the shame of having a criminal daughter would be too much. He let Barbeleuse die rather than live under such intense shame. While Blreno was a hot-headed youth, Barbeleuse was an older, wiser man and thus Lader respected his wishes. How close am I?
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Post by Falk » Sun Apr 01, 2007 3:01 pm

Also maybe Fillmore's law may be quite hard when it comes to such questions ?

If it's among nobility (if the other kid that was killed was of noble family), there may be some rivalry (even more maybe if some families are of knight blood and others are not), and they may "ask for some blood" to avenge the kid's death ?

Cuz' it sounds to me as if he HAD to die to avoid his daughter death.

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