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Post by Nu Soard Graphite » Sun May 27, 2007 4:28 am

Thanks for the info Eushung. You rock!

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Post by Euhsung » Wed May 30, 2007 4:50 am

Right, since Colus is about to re-enter the scene with Designs 2, I had better start on some of the newer characters...

Arr Fortissimo Melody

The heir to the disbanded Colus house of Melody, Arr is currently in the service of Hathuha. She is one of the Tempest Princess Trio (?), the premier headdliners of Colus IV's time, and is House Melody's representative. (Insert obligatory comparison to Charlie's Angels/ Powerpuff Girls here)

Originally expected to become the most powerful headdliner of the Trio de Colus, Arr was branded a traitor and disappeared after the disbanding of the Melody House, which took place because its head, Piano Melody, had an affair with the Shaman of Atoll, Natrium Funfuto. After decades of wandering around the Galaxy as a 'vagrant', she will debut in the storyline about to leave Izumo Astro City in JC 3007. Arr will settle down in JC 3010 in Hathuha at the request of Magdall Atoll, becoming the bodyguard to Magdall and combat instructor to Depre Beat Atoll.

In JC 3030, Arr evacuates with Depre to the Atoll stronghold of Swans after the beginning of the Sorcerer Wars. Accompanied by Pelker and Henka (sp?), she will travel to the stae Nekakarah to raise support for Hathuha, and to draw the attention of Colus's forces away from Swans. However, she comes under attack by Green Neiper and his Auge, and will paradoxically be saved by Saylay Colus. She is currently heading to the Sacred Palace Lann after unsuccessfully attempting to elict the help of Nekkakarah.

In JC 3075, Arr will help liberate Hathuhunt as part of the Tempest Princess Trio. She willl be responsible for the assault on thesouthern wall the city.

Arr, like most of Colus royalty, is a dropout from Wind High School. As heir to the Melody house, she possesses the Engage Octaver SR-1, revered as 'the most beautiful MH in the Galaxy' and the Male Kaienken, both heirlooms of Sword Saint Harricone. In fact, her status as pilot of the Engage is the cause of Nieper's attack. Her Fatima is La Hurricane, one of the 4 Wind Fatimas created by Arsenic Ballanche. She is the premier practitioner of the swordsmanship of Rondo, and her disciple is Majole Lienenheite, prince of the Ballanka family. She was also taught 'Mom's Special Kick' by Iemarah Lout Jajas, and will use it to great and devastaing effect again Kaien after renaming it as 'mademoiselle's special kick'.

*The 3 princesses are from Meister, Melody and Colus. Ballanka's would-be representative is probably Randers or Leibenheite; unfortunately, one renounced the knighthood, the other is male and holds no bonds towards Colus.

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Post by hitori » Wed May 30, 2007 1:21 pm

I really like your summaries Euhsung
Thanks for posting these articles :D

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Post by Euhsung » Thu May 31, 2007 6:38 am

Thanks! It's nice to see that my efforts are gaining support. ^_^
To continue, Here is a heavily expanded (and butchered) article on Sayley. My apologies in advance!

The eldest daughter of Colus XXIII and Elmelah Colus, Saylay is the second of the Tempest Princess Trio, and is the representative of the Royal Colus line. The Commander-in-Chief of the Trio de Colus headdliner forces, she represents Colus XXIV in her brother's place, since he never takes up his role as headdliner-king at the insistence of their mother Emelah.

Sayley actually makes her first appearance in the Colus/Hagoodah war in JC 2989, where she is portrayed as a meek, gentle girl. However, after he father dies, she methamorphoses into a beautiful, arrogant and somewhat bullheaded character under Emelah's conditioning. In true Colus fashion, she flunks spectacularly out of Wind High School, after the style of her forebears. Sayley makes her reappeance in the manga in JC 3010, when she meets Jacquos Quon Hash and offhandedly mocks him on her way to commision the construction of the Engage Sk-3. During the Majestic Stand in JC 3030, Saylay attempts to dissuade Fillmore from entering the conflict in Atoll, because it would conflict with Colus's goal of capturing former Princess and rogue headdliner Arr Fortissimo Melody. Diplomacy having failed, she personally goes to Hathuha in order to recover the original Colus Flag mortar headd, the Engage SR-1, unwittingly rescuing Arr in the process and unofficially declaring Colus an ally of Hathuha.

Sayley will assist in the liberatation of Hathuhunt as part of the Tempest Princess Trio in JC 3075, and will be part of the assault force attacking the southern wall of the city.

As the daughter and eldest child of Colus XXIII, Sayley is an incredibly powerful headliner, and has inherited the signature technique of the Colus Royal Family: Breakdown Typhoon. She is an extremely filial daughter, and has never forgiven Fillmore for the death of Colus III. Her Fatima is La Cyclone of the 4 Wind Fatimas, who is continually amazed and befuddled by her master's outrageous and bizzare antics. She also pilots the Flagship MH of the Trio de Colus, the one-of-a-kind Engage SR-3, nicknamed "Saylay Junchoon" since it resembles her father's mortar headd quite closely.

At times, Sayley has been shown to be very rash in her actions: After she fails to dissuade Dai Gu from entering Hathuha, she throws a temper tantrum, stripping right down to her underwear in the process. In the same way, she casually taunts Arr for having smelly feet and dark skin, causing Arr to reveal her biggest secret: she was a bedwetter until well into High School.

Sayley will eventually marry and start a family: Colus V will be descended from her, since Colus IV leaves no heirs. By extension, she is also the ancestress of Colus VI, is the future protagonist of Five Star Stories and will be immortalized as the Galaxy's liberator.

Note: the SR3 is a homage to her Father's title as Colus '3', in addition to being the third of the Engage line.
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Post by Nu Soard Graphite » Thu May 31, 2007 3:02 pm

hey Eushung! Do you mind if we use your translations as the basis for some of our character writeups here?

We've approached the point where a lot of the supplemental material that appears in Knight Flags onward has not been translated, so were going to need some help in getting many character profiles fleshed out. For example, while much of what you translated was in my write-up of Saylay Colus, I didn't know that she was the mother of Colus V and thus, grandmother of Colus VI. Neither did I know she was a bedwetter. And your translation of the Arr profile will come in exceedingly handy as I will be detailing Hathua personalities next...

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Post by Tachyon » Thu May 31, 2007 4:54 pm

I thought we could post the new character profiles as long as we left Euhsung's name out (for privacy concerns)? I'm waiting for my chance to scan some more FSS images.

English speaking FSS fans will greatly appreciate the new character profiles.
If you don't like the news then go make some of your own.

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Post by Euhsung » Fri Jun 01, 2007 8:11 am

Oh, these profiles are written to be used for future reference; it doesn't matter if you write your own profiles based on the info here or tack in right onto the FSS section.
I was originally not considering doing any serious writing on FSS, so I requested that credit not be given. You can credit me if you want to, no problem.
Should I PM profiles in the future, or just post them onto the site?

Enough with the personal response. Finishing off the trio:

Mallory Viewlard Hierachy

The last of the Tempest Princess Trio, Mallory is the representative of the House of Meister as Prince Iente's fiancee. She is the younger sister of Mission Roauth, and is Deimos Hierachy's last disciple.

Not much is known about Mallory's past, other than that she was also estranged from the Roauth family as Mission was at an early age. While wandering the galaxy, she caught the eye of Iente Meister, whom she would later marry. After her engagement, Lizard Meister will recognise her bloodline and appoint her as official headdliner of the Meister House.

Her first assignment as representative of Meister will be to help Sayley Colus in capturing the rogue Colus Princess Arr Fortissimo Melody. Unfortunately, while travelling to the rendezvous point of Heista (sp?), Mallory exhausts her (considerable budget), and is forced to hitch a ride from Aisha Codante, who happened to be passing by. Mallory is currently in the city of Heista in the Hathula state of Nekakarah, and will presumably be following Arr to Lann in the near future.

In JC 3075, Mallory will assist in the liberatation of Hathuhunt as part of the Tempest Princess Trio, and will be part of the assault force attacking the southern wall of the city. There, she will receive a Baptism-under-fire as a member of the Trio de Colus.

As a descendant of Nakandarah Swans and Jester Roauth (sp?), Mallory is a top calibre headdliner. As the last disciple of Sword Saint Heirachy, and has inherited his name and one of his signature moves: Breakdown Typhoon (also the signature move of the Colus lineage). She has also taken the name of Viewlard, which is her brother's alias. As with all members of the Tempest Princess Trio, Mallory possesses an MH of the Engage series and one of the 4 Wind Fatimas of Arsenic Ballanche (in this case, the Engage Mk II and La Monsoon). She can also perform 'mademoiselle's special kick', but has only used it against her brother, with significantly less potency as a result.

Mallory seems to have inherited a large portion of the direct, spunky attitude characteristic of the Roauth family; In her meeting with Aisha, she has no qualms in casually tossing off Aisha's crowning as Queen of Roumer, dismissing it as a demotion from Princess of Codante. Mallory is also rather flippant about her finances; she makes her debut on the roadside after spending her funds on King suites in hotels costing 5000 feathers a night. Like her brother, Mallory is rather slapdash in her treatment of Fatimas; she wastes no time in getting Monsoon into her decadant suit to attract passersby, a strategy copied from Viewlard in Volume 2. She even comments on Monsoon's beauty, causing her unfortunate Fatima great mental distress.

Mallory will eventually start a family after marrying Iente. Her descendant, Daizina Meister, will eventually become the consort of Colus VI.

Note: Tsuri Peidoll is from the Umoth Socialist Republic, and his profile should belong to that section.

Update: Edits made in response to Rubel's corrections; it's hard to get facts right in 2:30 am on homework breaks... -_-
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Post by Rubel Colus » Fri Jun 01, 2007 1:14 pm

some random stuff:

- Colus 25 is a descendant of Sayly but not her son. it would've been several hundred years later that the Colus Dynasty did not have a king at the throne. Colus Dynasty was defeated by AKD during his rule, and his son, Colus 26 will lead the resistance force against AKD.

- The 3 Storm princesses all know the technique "Breakdown Typhoon". Demos Hirarchy created it while taking custody of Est and Vatshu, and he taught his last disciple Mallory. Est taught it to all Black Knights, and also taught it to Colus 22 (who turned down the Black Knight title), and Colus 22 taught it to his royal family members (including Melody). "Breakdown Typhoon" is called "Black Storm" when using the MH Vatshu.

- Mortar Boom is a MH Sword Technique relying very much on high mass of a Heavily armored MH. This technique was first demonstrated by Swans during the exhibition of the very first fatima, and using the MH Kulmars Byron. Voards Viewlard was also seen executing this in vol9JP while fighting the Atoll Scritti.
Looking for:
- FSS Eng Vol 1(Black cover)


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Post by Euhsung » Sat Jun 02, 2007 6:25 am

This one shouldn't really be Colus, but oh well =_+'

Majole Lebenheite

Originally a Prince of the Colus House of Ballanka, Lebenheite left Colus and became a wandering mercenary. His actions are typical of many Colus knights who leave their mother nation in search of battle and glory. This continual drain of military personnel is due to the non-aggressive stance Colus has adopted in international diplomacy, and is a serious problem currently affecting the Colus war machine.

Lebenheite is first seen about to leave Izumo Astro City after completing his training under Arr Fortissimo Melody. He then ends up in the Cornerra Empire as the head commander of the Electro Knights. Under this leadership, the Electro Knights will be moulded into a formidable fighting force in just 30 years. In the Majestic Stand, he will bring a research team to Hathuha to conduct test runs on the 3 prototype Kans under the orders of King Rupert II. The research team consists of:
himself (pilot),
2 chieftains (guards of Xio) (pilots),
Full MH meight Dr. Balter Hudler (analyst; maintenance),
and 2 Electro knights (DB9 & FS3) (bodyguards).

As a Colus royal member and former disciple of Arr, Lebenheite is a formidable adversary by any standards. His MH is a Prototype Kan β which has been customized to his demands. Lebenheite does not possess his Fatima; his copilot is Ballanche Eetoramuru 002, Londo Heirline. The data collected from his MH will eventually be refined and used in the production of the mass production model.

Note: Apparently, the Guards of Xio are a secret, shadowy group of Super Empire knights which possess the hand of Caligraph (sp?) as proof. However, they differ slightly from true AD era chivalries, like E-V-3. The talking knight is known as B-B-A-6.

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