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School Designs consists of the settings book (the green book) and the pink calendar, and they are actually quite small - something like a pocket book.

The pics in the photo gallery is all there is in the green book - 48pages in all. (the calendar is juz a calendar - nothing special about it).

@Euhsung the character in the picture you're talking about is indeed LDI20 "Speck" (Mirage Knight Left No.18 ), but she's not the same character who was peeking at Arr in JP Vol12. The one following Arr is another (possibly someone similar in origin to LDI20), named イーヴィー・3 (EV3? Eve 3?).

So... whats ur nick in fssunion's message board? :p


Automatic Flowers website update.

New cellphone straps: ... index.html

And the opening of Five Star Forum where u can see works of FSS fans

if u noticed the Mirage Knight and Ieatta papercrafts - they were made by a fan i knew through a Chinese message board (fssunion) and i posted the pics here in the FSS Modelling section before. I'm so happy that his work got their due attention. And there are other very interesting stuff there too, looking forward to seeing more stuff there!!
Looking for:
- FSS Eng Vol 1(Black cover)


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