Some Minor Changes

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Some Minor Changes

Post by Tachyon » Sun Dec 04, 2005 9:34 pm ... hatze.html

Some of you may have noticed the new pages above for the Rouge Mirage and Cloudsschatze. Both pages have almost no information and say "profile pending." I wanted to clear up any misunderstandings before they happen.

In the early days of the FSS pages here at Gears Online Nu Soard and I were just learning how to coordinate our efforts. I promised people profiles for the Rouge Mirage and Cloudsschatze before they were ready. To partially make up for this, I've made template pages for them and loaded up what images I have on hand. The profiles will be ready when they're ready and it's too early now to say when that is.

In the days ahead you may see a few more "profile pending" pages. This simply means that I'm loading up some images and organizing links ahead of the finished profile. These blank pages are not previews of what's coming soon.

Nu Soard is working on new profiles and FSS articles and I'm trying to find the time to catch up with my own FSS workload such as the LED Luna Units, Bangdoll images and Ballanche Castle material.

Please Note: Nu Soard and I are not the only people working on the FSS pages here. Falk's clean up of the Rouge Mirage color picture is just another example of his valuable help here. Red Comet gave another Rouge Mirage image and posts from hitori, Rubel Colus, Shiezzel, KOG and many others are greatly appreciated and necessary for the FSS pages to continue. I can't take the time today to list all of the people who have contributed but thank you, everyone.
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