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Trinity Blood

Post by Guest » Tue May 10, 2005 5:36 pm

OK, why is what sounds like a vampire show listed at Gears Online?

'Cause it's a Techno-Gothic SF vampire show, with cool mecha! Whoo hooo!!! :twisted:

Episode 1 feels like a cross between Trigun and Witch Hunter Robin, with positive results. We're dropped into a post-holocaust future where Earth has been invaded by - well - vampires. It's a dark little world, similar in feel to Warhammer 40K-a world where might is right (and left), and a military Vatican holds sway.

We're treated to some glimpses of Gothed-out aerial combat early on, with views of some tasty-looking warships. But then the story starts, and treats us to some design work that definitely has a Nagano-esque feel to it. The airliner on which the action takes place is a definite design nod to the Belle Karlle, and the costume work also has definite FSS influence.

Overall, it looks like someone may have gotten tired of waiting for Nagano-san to do an FSS series and is gonna do it in a vampiric way. that's just my guess, but I'm eager to see more whether I'm right or wrong.

A strong first episode of a show that feels destined for America. And I mean that in a GOOD way. :D


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Post by Newton » Tue May 10, 2005 5:39 pm

D'Oh! I posted without logging in. Sorry!!!



Post by Lalasa » Wed May 11, 2005 8:32 am

Newton wrote:We're treated to some...tasty-looking warships...some design...definitely has a Nagano-esque feel to it. The airliner on which the action takes place is a definite design nod to the Belle Karlle, and the costume work also has definite FSS influence.
That's because THORES Shibamoto worked on FSS designs under Nagano's supervision. That was actually how I stumbled onto Thores' work.

Here's some info about the TB novels and manga, if anyone cares about the background stuff. I don't have anything on the anime as it's so new, so thanks for the review. It's very much appreciated by avid fans outside of Japan. Neither am I much help on the mechas, except I know that one of the main characters in AX (How do you pronounce that? I've only glimpsed the manga.) organization is an android...or half of a machine in the style of Spaccorn of FSS.

By the way, I'm cutting and pasting this from an earlier post I created back in March in another forum. Some of the info might be bit outdated and/or are major spoilers.

* Trinity Blood was a dark fantasy/science fiction novel written by Sunao Yoshida. It was illustrated by THORES Shibamoto. Here's an example of Thore's (Yes, the artist likes to capitalize the entire name. I won't for the reader's comfort.) style. Incredible isn't it?
--- ... _12-03.jpg
* "Yoshida Sunao-sensei – the author of 'Trinity Blood' series and various other works, passed away, at the age of 34 years old, on 15th July 2004 at 13:50 hours. Cause of death: '???'(haikousai) - lung blockage brought about (partially) by overexertion/overwork."
--- ... c.php?t=57
* It is now an anime and is currently running in Japan. Character designs are still by Thores Shibamoto.
* Opening theme song will be by Buck-Tick. (I love them, that's why I had to mention it. :))
* The manga adaptation was written by Sunao Yoshida and art is by Kiyo Kujou. I don't have an example of this artist's style to show you. If you see manga scans, then it is most likely not Thores Shibamoto's work.
* This world is ruled by machines, magic and...apparently religion. Strangely innocent in its sombre atmosphere with violent action intersperced in between. An visually extravagant world with a good plot accompanied by gorgeous characterizations. Unfortunately, what I heard about the anime is that the females are severely dumbed down. Since a couple of them are pivotal to the plot and growth of all the characters, with their cool cat act in the vein of Falk U. Rognar without the added testosterone, it'd be a shame if this is true.
* "Trinity Blood" refers to the human species, vampires and Kresniks.
* Kresniks are NOT vampires. They are not vampire-like, it's more accurate to say vampires are more Kresnik-like.
* Kresniks feed on the vampire's blood. Vampires, of course, feeds on the humans. Some humans hate both.
* Kresniks are very long lived, up to several thousand years with incredible Extra Sensory Perception (ESP...I think) abilities.
* Some humans such as Isaak Ferdinand Von Kempher (Long, down to his knees, black haired guy who smokes a lot, has ability to control shadows/darkness and is in the Rozen Kreuz organization.) has incredible powers as well. I don't know where the ability comes from.
* There is a high percentage of very beautiful, powerful people. Peter Abel and Cain tops this list in looks and supernatural power. In fact, most, if not all the main characters are drop dead, model-perfect gorgeous. If they are scarred, it's almost always self inflicted or they let themselves be captured, thus are tortured and thus I call it self inflicted, because they could have easily gotten away. Most of them seems to have a pretty good idea with how mechs/mechanical body parts are used...
* Too many important characters. Rounding around 50 or so. Some of whom do not live for very long, but all have their contributing parts and are given "air time" by Yoshida. I have no clue if that's true in the manga or anime...
* The Vatican in this world is incredibly savvy and urbane. Not that they aren't in our world,'s just say they are a force to be reckoned with politically, morally, religiously and supernaturally in Trinity Blood.
* Peter Abel Nightroad/lord is male (Yeah, he crossdresses in some of his investigations.) and the main protagonist. He's of Imperial Kresnik bloodline and favors a deep, glossy purple-bluish-blackish lip paint which shows off his ice blue/gray or when he's in Kresnik-mode glowing lava red eyes. He has round glasses tinted the same or lighter shade as his lip paint. He's also incredibly old but looks to be in his mid-20's. He has 2 other siblings by name of Cain and Seth, and their mother is named Lilith. Peter looks just like Sepiroth, only not insane or has glowing green eyes and acts a lot like Vash the Stampede. He has black, feathery wings. I'm not sure how many. At least 2, but I've seen more.
* He is in a "secret police" type organization that operates from within the Vatican. That's why he's in priestly robes or cross dresses in the novel as a nun. It's called AX.
* Cain is male and is the antagonist. He looks exactly like Peter sans the white ponytail. His hair is up in a cone shaped spike. He favors bloody reddish-black lip paint. A very mysterious, dangerous character. You will most likely see his back or profile with his face turned away whenever he appears in the manga. He has at least 2 pairs of white angel-like wings. I've seen more on him.
* Cain heads an organization called Rozen Kreuz with members who are in black, Nazi-like uniforms with gray or silvery-gray metal detailing. Cain himself is in a vaguely militaristic white costume with strikingly detailed gold/silverish metal accents all over the place.
* Seth Nightlord/road is the Empress of the Kresniks. She's known as Augusta Vradica. She's at least 5 to 600 years of age, but looks like a 14 - 16 year old human teenager. Her court is full of intriguing characters. Some human. Some vampires. Most Kresniks.
* Lilith being the mother of Seth, Cain and Abel looks nothing like them. (These descriptions are mainly for identificaiton purposes.) She's got dark skin where Peter and Abel has paper white tones, and Seth has a conch-pink tone. She is henna-tattooed, wears a sari, has a massive crown, sporting an intricate forehead chakra and has several pairs of white, angel-like wings. Very Hindi-like in appearance. She's a very mysterious character and usually appears as a very blurry, halo bearing figure with white wings (at least 2 pairs) outstretched, sari fluttering and gold/silver jewel/ry gleaming everywhere. Usually it's around Abel to either protect him or in a motherly embrace. She wears a strange, distinctive cross that is now seen on Abel's neck.
* Don't piss Peter Abel off. Just. Don't.

What I believe (Or seen since I cannot really read the big kanji in the manga):
* Don't piss Peter Abel off. He will reduce you into quivering, bloody chunks of meat. If he's only mildly irritated. If he's mad enough to morph, well, hey at least you'll live a few hours longer. Although that may be not as good as it sounds.
* Lilith might be dead or some how evolved into a higher form of being.
* Kresniks are a different species from humans. They do not come from humans...
* Kresniks created the vampires. Furious at this, the humans are hunting both Kresniks and vampires. Thus the AX "peace keeping/scapegoat" organization is born.
* If you are Christian or is into Judaic religious studies, you will very likely find this entire thing entertaining what with all the biblical references in it.
* Cain looks almost exactly like Peter. They're probably identical or fraternal twins.
* Apparently this Augusta Vradica "Seth" (as opposed to the Biblical one) is female. I don't know her exact age, just that she's old in human terms. She seems to be like any other teenager, but it seems to be a facade.
* The entire story is not set in Japan... "Italy is very important (due to the Vatican and Rome), but the beginning of the novel starts with a map with locations, and it shows all of "Europe", including parts of Russia." -- Eleryth.
* The manga art by Kiyo Kojou is not a style I really like, but the artist's style is still quite impressive.

These seem to be the only English language forum dedicated soley to Trinity Blood. The second one is owned by the same person who owns the first one. The first doesn't seem to like existing so it's usually inaccessable. Check it out before going any where else anyway since it's got a lot of info.,

By the way, I'm not Christian or from a culture that's based on the religion so I'm pretty sure I got a few details wrong on the religious aspects.

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Post by Guest » Wed May 11, 2005 11:10 pm


Thank you for all the information on Trinity Blood! So, that explains the FSS-ish look.

Yes, Abel truly IS a badass. He's the first one we meet in ep 1. Like Vash, he has a gentle demeanor. Unlike Vash, he as NO PROBLEM laying the smackdown on his enemies. He's definitely a dismember-first kinda guy.

I eagerly look forward to learning more about this amazing world. Just from episode 1, the groundwork is laid for more intrigue and action than I've seen in a long while.

Thanks again, Lalasa. I'll be following the links you posted for the next few days!



Post by Lalasa » Mon May 16, 2005 9:22 am

No problem. :D I'm glad the anime interests you enough to follow this wonderful series into it's crazy background. It's a lot like FSS and no doubt, when a time comes to give "nods of influential contributions", FSS will be added to the list.


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Post by Nu Soard Graphite » Mon May 30, 2005 10:24 pm

Oooh. This sounds cool. I've only seen a bit of Thores work, but what I've seen from him thus far has been fantastic, thus I look forward to seeing this series as soon as it is made available for North American consumption...(maybe I'll catch it at the S.D. Comicon..)


Post by nkn1983 » Mon Nov 13, 2006 4:18 pm

THORES is a she iirc, incredible talent. Anyone that has some extra money lying around should get her artbook.

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