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Zoids - Gojulas Giga

Posted: Thu Mar 03, 2005 9:43 pm
by Falk
So ! I bought one of those tiny thing :twisted:

For some reasons, there have been several Gojulas Giga on ebay for 2$, and the price rarely increases. So after many hesitations because of the shipping cost to France (+-25$), I finally bought one (it's reglar cost is at least 40$, dropped to 15$ in the US before christmas).

I'm not sure it'll interest many of you whose standards are "a bit" more complex ^^.
But it's a really nice toy, and really big !

It's 52 cm long when the tail is straight.
It has 2 positions, walking (straight) and running (body horyzontal), and is about 19-23 cm high (depending on the position).

It walk (well a bit :P ), moves the tail and turns the head, with a led green or red depending of the position, and makes noise.
Well that's not that important, what I like the more about this Zoids (I'm not such a big Zoids fan), is its design, well it's really cool !
Aggressive, bulky, stylish, and it may sound stupid, but there's something special about it, it almost look alive IMO, like a dog watching something he doesn't understand you know^^ (ok this is just my opinion, and yes I'm totally sane mentally, well I think I am :P ).

The only bad thing is the grey plastic. You can hardly see that on the net, but it's in fact made of grey plastic with some darker dots in it, which reminds me of kitchen materials... So maybe I'll repaint it.

And as I said, give it to a kid and he'll be in heaven :wink:

Well if you have 2$ you don't know what to do with :wink:

Posted: Fri Mar 04, 2005 1:54 am
by fulcy
I'm actually a huge Zoids fan - I've got about 10 built ones - all larger, battery powered ones (cause bateries are cool! ). Mainly cause I had a few of the RoboStrux ones when I was a kid, and it's kinda nostalgia. Anywho, I've got two of the Giga's - one built, and the other unbuilt right now - was thinking of selling it, but if I'll only get that much for it, I'll keep it, and get the girlfriend to help me build it sometime. Love the design of it, and as you said, it's just big a bulky and stylish at the same time. Now if I could only get the deathsaurer, I'd be set.

Posted: Fri Mar 04, 2005 11:46 am
by Falk
Yup', that's weird, the regular Gojulas Giga's price dropped considerably, while the Fuzor version, and Proto version are still at regular price (about 40$ for the fuzor and 90$ for the limited proto version, well if you have some chance you may find some at about 40$ as some stores don't rise the price if the toy becomes hard to find, but most of those stores are out of stock).

I'd like to get the 3 versions of it, as well as one CP10 to upgrade one of 'em, but that's well I'll have more money :p Cuz' shipping costs is always exepensive, even for small stuff.

Posted: Fri Mar 04, 2005 12:06 pm
by fulcy
Ah, didn't know there were that many color variants of the Giga - I plan on painting one, and I was thinking of making custom cannons for it, using the large guns off my 1/60th Gundam F-90 toy...