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CD Review: Converge- You Fail Me

Posted: Tue Jan 11, 2005 9:35 pm
by FSS is totally emo
so, uhhh- its not anime, but its good! if you like music.

So Converge's big move to Epitaph Records was quite a bit of controversy, both for fans of Epitaph and of Converge- 1.Was Converge suddenly going to go soft and get rid of the throat shredding vocals and smash-kick drumming? 2.Was Epitaph suddenly going to try and be hip by signing hardcore bands? The answer is 1. Hell No! and 2. Frankly no one cares anymore- because once this CD hits your CD player it aint comin' out for a WHILE. While their early full length releases Caring and Killing, Petitioning the Empty Sky, Unloved and Weeded Out, and the other one who's name i cant remember were fast, brutal, and chaotic, they lacked a sort of dimension that they didn't reach until Jane Doe- one of my personal top albums in both heavy music and music in general. Combing elements of fast chaotic spaz-out parts, straightfoward hardcore passages, melodic interludes, and even some girly "laaaaa" vocals, Jane Doe was a hard album to top. Somehow, You Fail Me does it, from the opening frantic salvos of bass, drums, and confused shouting, to the last crunchy grinding riff, this album won't Fail You. (aheh, bad pun) Bassist Nate Newton's manic voice shines on this album almost as much as lead vocalist Jake Bannon's banshee screams. As usual, the one-two, punch of Kurt Ballou and Ben Koller lay down riffs that are both groovy and chaotic. Much like Jane Doe, its packaged in JAke Bannon's artwork and it as full of blurry distorted images of random stuff as ever. If you even remotely like anything heavy, be it metal, punk, hardcore, screamo, powerviolence, etc, buy this album! It takes elements from all those genres and makes a thick stew of mosh. Better yet, go see these crazy MFs live, and make sure to put your glasses in the case when everyone in the room starts going crazy to the opening parts of "Eagles Become Vultures" or "Black Cloud". Rating (out of 10): 8.7

Posted: Sun Apr 16, 2006 3:46 am
by SoItBe
Yeah, you are right guys :) :)