New Season, New Mecha

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New Season, New Mecha

Post by Newton » Wed Apr 04, 2007 11:24 pm


It is officially the ROBOT RENAISSANCE!!!

This season's mecha offerings are quite tasty, with something for everyone!

REIDEEN - So far, this show is slow in its exposition, but holds lots of promise. Everything points to lots of storyline waiting in the shadows. LOTS of storyline - aliens lurking just past the Moon, a trio of hero-support badasses, and... who the heck is the Mysterious Girl who keeps showing up at or near Reideen's appearances? The new design of the Great One has turned out to be pretty cool looking in motion. Also, after 5 episodes, we still haven't seen a fraction of what it can do. Episode 6 will feature the first God-Bird Change - I'm stoked! Also, the ending animation shows a glimpse of Reideen's "real face", rather than the golden mask we've seen for 5 eps. This looks to be a "manual transmission" show - it's gearing up one step at a time.

HEROIC AGE - OK, this is the first epic SF anime I've seen since the early 80s. This show is proof positive that if one is patient, the great stuff will come back around. Deep-space opera verging on the mystical - in other words, MY KIND OF ANIME! The Elder Races, before leaving this universe, sent out a call to those who would be their successors. Three races - the Bronze, Silver, and Hero tribes - answered the call to become the next great civilizations. Then, enter a fourth race: humans, now known as the Iron Tribe. Where's it all going? Don't know, but the ride is AWESOME so far.

In just one episode, we're introduced to evolved, spacefaring mankind - capable of telepathy, psychokinesis, cybernetic healing and astral projection. The one ship we've seen, the Argonaut, is a massive city-sized vessel, with a bridge design right out of my own imagination! Badass mecha and a dustup with the Bronze Tribe made this first ep a masterclass throwdown. Of course, the showstopper is our hero, Eiji. He's the sole survivor of a human spaceship crash on a busted-up backwater world, living like Robinson Crusoe in the hulk of the vessel that brought humans there. Turns out he's got a special relationship with what may be the last of the Hero tribe - an enormous biomech with amazing powers.

HEROIC AGE promises to be a breakout for Xebec. It's rockin' from the word go!

GURREN LAGANN - I was afraid of this show. It looked much too FLCL for my tastes, but I decided to give it a try. Gainax may be onto something here. Hotblooded goofy heroes, an even goofier little mech that looks like a head with arms, legs and - drills?

I am happy to say that my fears were unfounded. Yes, it's got the FLCL thing going, and there's a real drill-fetish that kind of reminds me of Dead Leaves, but it was a funny, coherent, exciting first episode. The characters are cool, hearkening back to the old-school hotblooded action heroes, and the artwork is top-notch. I'll be grabbing the second episode to see where the craziness leads.

Later this week, TOWARD THE TERRA starts. This is the epic of epics, the Mahabarata of SF stories. Yutaka Izubuchi is the mechanical designer on this version of the classic tale, and Nobuteru Yuuki (ESCAFLOWNE) is the character designer. The glimpses I've seen are beautiful, but I (along with everyone who's seen the movie) will be comparing it to the original classic film.

Last, but not least: ENGAGE PLANET KISSDUM. I need me a fansub of this one, 'cause it's all over the map. Shipwrecks, attacks by bugs that would make the Orkin Man cringe, giant meat monsters, little meat monsters, oh, and transforming mecha. This is Shoji Kawamori's latest, and is rumored to be the shakedown for the upcoming new Macross series.

Life's not too happy in 2031. We've got a big insect problem on Earth, and it looks like our exterminators are in dire straits. This is another one that threatens to meander a bit before solidifying its plot, but I must say the mecha action is a real treat. It's a checker-outer.

That's it for now - I'll write more as the spring season premieres continue!


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Post by Tachyon » Thu Apr 05, 2007 4:18 am

Thanks for the update! These shows sound cool.
If you don't like the news then go make some of your own.

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