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The SRW OG2 Everything Thread

Posted: Tue Feb 08, 2005 10:48 am
by Poseidal
Having played some of this, I'm impressed by the challange. It's definately raised the bar from the other GBA games.

The most effective tactic in this game, I've found, is pumping your SP skills, so SP Recovery seems like a must get: to keep up 'Concetration' so you can hit the enemy and evade them.

Also, many many 6 figure boss HP. I'm only on stage 20, and I've already seen 5.

The new originals are also nice. Can anyone else comment?

Posted: Tue Feb 08, 2005 1:21 pm
by Eternal
Well, I was surprised Woden Yumir is not Zengar. :) SP recovery is my favourite skill from OG, so most of my pilots have it already. As for the bosses, in the beginning most of them retreat when they have rather high HP and are often impossible to destroy (and get cash and items), so I didn't have to replay many stages trying to do that. The one I had most trouble with was Axel in his Soulgain, only because he's immune to chaff and breaker. I'm on stage 28 now and the last few stages were rather easy. I liked the new originals also, especially Ouka and her mech, and the Thrudgelmir (if that's how it's spelled), but there probably are some other cool ones.

Posted: Tue Feb 08, 2005 5:48 pm
by Kuruni
Ouka strike me at heart :D Her theme song stuck in my head since first encounter. My most favourite are definity both Faerion. The Royal Heart Breaker are possibly most funniest move to see. :D (And theme song, Fairy Dang-Sing is very well done.) Auzenzeider (sp? another DGG that Elzam use) is also very cool machine.

It's almost impossible to get some skill point.

Posted: Wed Feb 09, 2005 12:50 am
by AslanCross
The Faerion theme is "Fairy Dancing" ^_^ Elzam's mech is Außenseiter. And yes, I just loved Ouka's theme. No, I just love the game! :D

Posted: Wed Feb 09, 2005 12:45 pm
by Eternal
Me too, it's even better than I had expected. I don't think skill points are hard to get - I didn't put much effort into it, but missed only 3 so far. I also liked Woden's theme song.

Posted: Sat Feb 12, 2005 9:50 pm
by Giant Satan Robo
I realize this might not be the right place for this question but I've been wanting to get into SRW for a few years now, and I was wondering if OG2 might be a good place to start. I don't really have any import-ready systems other than my GBA, so my options are kinda limited.

Posted: Sun Feb 13, 2005 7:47 am
by Eternal
OG2 is fine, but it's probably better to start with OG, since OG2 is a sequel to it.

Posted: Sun Feb 13, 2005 5:48 pm
by ShinDVDz
Eternal wrote:OG2 is fine, but it's probably better to start with OG, since OG2 is a sequel to it.
Half the time, people dont read the text anywyas...since we dont understand japanese...haha...that's me, btw :-P

Posted: Sun Feb 13, 2005 7:24 pm
by Giant Satan Robo
I don't suppose you can recommend an importer that wants less than $60 for it?

Posted: Mon Feb 14, 2005 12:06 am
by Poseidal
I say play OG first, as it's much easier. Whatever you do, don't start with F/Final, but if you do, you will become a better player out of it, if you get far.

Posted: Tue Feb 15, 2005 5:57 am
by AslanCross
Eternal wrote:Me too, it's even better than I had expected. I don't think skill points are hard to get - I didn't put much effort into it, but missed only 3 so far. I also liked Woden's theme song.
Odin's theme is "GATE OF MAGUS," which was Zengar's theme when he first appeared in Alpha Gaiden. Also....[SPOILER]

You can select Gate of Magus as Zengar's theme after you get Daizengar/DyGenGuar.

Posted: Tue Feb 15, 2005 3:09 pm
by Eternal
Thanks for the info, AslanCross. By the way, there are some cool new weapons in OG2, but some of them are somewhat rare, for example the gundam-esque hammer Arad uses when he pilots an MP Huckebein mk2 and that graviton launcher-like gun Archibald fires at Rai in one of the missions. I'm at mission 40 now and have only seen those once, was anyone able to get them?

Posted: Tue Feb 15, 2005 6:16 pm
by Kuruni
Graviton Launcher = When you first see Viletta, use her to kill all nameless DC pilot in that stage. Her Gespenst Mk.II R will come with it. (Very useful)

Boost Hammer = Has Arad kill all Gunsect turret in two turn. You will keep it.

Wild Wurger L (Or Wild Wurger Red Frame ^_^ It has longer upgrade slot)
1.Choose Moon route at first branch.
2.Stage 19. When you fight Zeola in Falken, kill at least 4 Gespenst before move Arad next to her.
3.Choose Hagane route at second branch.
4.Make sure Arad is at least level 25 and being ace (has 50+ kill) before reunion with Hiryu.
5.Mai will pilot it in one stage, kill at least 5 Guarlion within 4 turn.Also don't let it's HP drop below 50%. You will keep it after this stage.

Sound Test Mode
1.Beat the game once and save...
2.Load that save, the EX Hard Mode should be selectable (You keep some PP and cash, but it cost twice to purchase skill. Weapon upgrade also disable.)
3.During any stage, choose "System" option and press [Up Down Left Right L R] You can listten to every song here!

Can't confirm yet...
Shishioh Blade = During encounter Inspector at White Star, kill them in this order. Akiha==>>Shigaroc==>>Mekibos (Very hard one, but it's possible...Just place everyone on White Star to gain 20% HP/EN regenerate, and make sure none of them gain such bonus. It would be very long process, I make mistake by kill Shigaroc first and get only crappy breaker weapon...) You also get Hero Emblem and Metal Soul item here...

Vysaga or Ash Saber
Can't get this in 1st game...
1.When you first fight Ecidna. Drive her away and move Lamia to a grid she was there.
2.Stage 19. Has Lamia fight Axel once to get Vysaga, twice to get Ash Saber. (More would get nothing...)
3.Lamia must be ace before her self-destruct event.Her level must be 27+
4.Lamia would appear in the mech later, she also keep the upgraded Angelg.

Gespenst Mk.II S
Kai must has 55 kill and 33+ level before third branch.

Posted: Tue Feb 15, 2005 7:13 pm
by Eternal
:shock: Wow, thanks, Kuruni, your knowledge of SRW is truly awesome.

Posted: Fri Feb 18, 2005 12:30 pm
by AslanCross
From what I heard, you can kill Ageeha or Shikarog in any order, as long as you kill Mekibos last. Not sure, though. (Oh, and you also get a High-Efficiency Electronic Brain, which is really good for RR-types)

To get the G-Impact Stake (Melee, S-rating in all terrains, Critical Rate +70%, 6 rounds) and Neo Chakram Shooter (Melee, S-rating in all terrains, Range 1-7---excellent weapon for Alteisen Riese), don't let Daizengar kill ANYTHING in the mission where it first appears. (You can still use Grungust Sanshiki to kill, though). You'll get the Stake and Chakram after the next route split.

Also, I found a way to see what unique upgrades each unit gets when you fully upgrade it (by selling a huge chunk of my items, then save-stating before I upgraded each unit, then load-stating when I was done) You can also find these bonuses on Gundamtotoro's guide in GameFAQs, but I did these by myself. I didn't realize someone did it already. X_x

There are some REALLY good bonuses, some that are so-so (like the ones on most of the Huckies), and some really lame ones (Weapon gauge bonuses aren't much, really---except the one on Hückebein, which is pretty cool.)

Unique Bonuses for full upgrades:
Kurogane: Armor +20%
Hiryu Kai: Weapon Accuracy +20%

Super Robots:
RyuKouOu: EN Regen (Small)
SRX: Item Slots +1
Giganscudo Duro: Armor +10%, EN +15%
Angelg: EN Regen (Small)

DGG Series
Daizengar: Melee Weapons +200 damage
Außenseiter: Ranged Weapons +200 damage

Grungust Series
Grungust: All weapons +200 damage
Grungust Nishiki: Nendou Field blocks 300 more damage

Valkyrie Series
Lazangriff: Weapon Gauge +50 (Not like it needs it)
Landgrize: Weapon Gauge +30

Hückebein Series
Hückebein: Weapon Gauge +40, En+20%
Hückebein Mk II: Weapon Gauge +50
Hückebein Mk II-M: Weapon Gauge +30
Hückebein Mk III L/T, Boxer and Gunner: Armor and EN +10%

Lion Series
Guarlion Custom: Weapon Gauge+30, EN +10%
Fairlion S/G: Agility +20%
Astelion: Agility +20% (Not going to make Ibis dodge any better, though. >_<)

Wild Series
Wildwürger: Armor and Agility +15%
Wildfalken: All Weapons Ammo +2

R-1: All Nendou-based weapons +200 damage
R-2 Powered: Ranged Weapons +200 damage
R-3 Powered: Nendou Field blocks 300 more damage
R-GUN Powered: EN +20%

Gespenst Series
Alteisen Riese: All Weapon Terrain Ratings: S (!!!)
Rein Weißritter: All Weapons Ammo +2
Gespenst R: All weapons Ammo+4
Gespenst Mk II R: Agility +15%, HP +20%
Russell's Gespenst Mk II-M (Green): Armor +20%
Kai's Gespenst Mk II-M (Green): All Unit Terrain Ratings: S (!!!)
Katina's Gespenst Mk II-M (Red): HP and Armor +15%

Cybuster: Agility +10%, EN +15%
Valcione: Bunshin Chance +20%
F32 Schwert Kai: Agility +15%
Schutzwald: Gains AB Field
Arblade: Weapon Gauge +30
AM Gunner: EN +15%

Unfortunately I didn't get any of the secret units, so I don't really know what upgrades they get. I find it really cool that the different Gespenst Mk II-Ms get different bonuses.

(Sorry for the double post, I didn't realize I wasn't logged in when I first posted it. Tachyon, you may want to disallow guests from posting.)