Duties and Rules Regarding Moderators at Gears Online

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Duties and Rules Regarding Moderators at Gears Online

Post by Tachyon » Sat May 01, 2004 1:14 am

Moderator Duties:
:arrow: Facilitate friendly and informative discussions.
:arrow: Lock threads that get too far off topic.
:arrow: Edit or delete threads that are offensive.
:arrow: Help straighten out misunderstandings between users if they get out of hand.
:arrow: Move threads that belong in another forum.

Rules Regarding Moderators:
:arrow: Moderators must send a private message or Email to users whose posts they delete or edit informing the user what was done and why.
:arrow: Moderators will be considered volunteer staff of Gears Online and will be listed on the Contact Us page.
:arrow: Moderators must do their best to keep their cool even when users are rude or insulting.
:arrow: The Site Administrator can ask moderators to resign at any time for any reason.
:arrow: Moderators should not be rude, condescending or arrogant towards users.
:arrow: Moderators should not edit a post to make the poster look foolish.
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