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Awesome S.I.C. diorama-story link!

Posted: Sun Apr 29, 2007 11:13 pm
by Grebo Guru
Hey boyz n' guyz,

I found this snazzy little web-comic made by some mad genius in Japan with S.I.C. figures and mad photoshop skillz:

It's super-fly, and is dialogue-free, to boot! :-) Just remember to read right-to-left.

The dio-story is part of the guy's SIC photo-love site, located here:

Which, in turn, is part of his overall toy-love website, located here:

I found this site (and a buncha others -- his links page is juicy!) while looking for pics of SIC toys. I just bought SIC KR Chalice/Joker and Garren, and MAN... These toys are freakin' AMAZING. Not only are they gorgeous, they're incredibly poseable!

I can see that the earlier SICs were largely statues, and even until recently the styling veered more towards "wierder" rather than "cooler"... But with the KR Blade releases, the SICs have become kick-ass!!! I intend to get KR Blade/King and the KR the First 2-pack, and I already have Alternative Zero & KR Ryuga incoming from eBay. w00t!

Unfortunately, the SICs are very expensive. Otherwise I'd plan on buying a lot more. As is, I'm starting to itch for the similar-ish Equip & Prop figures of Garo figures (very very pricey, very very schweet) and now Saiyudo is coming out which SIC-like Ultraman figures too. Oh man...!



Posted: Mon Apr 30, 2007 12:09 am
by Tachyon
That is really nice. Excellent graphics. Thanks!