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A great transformable mech site

Posted: Wed Dec 29, 2004 8:21 am
by MSW
Haven't seen this one listed here yet...

each of the little arrow graphics leads to a seperate page featureing redesigns of some infamous transforming mecha - most with clear diagrams showing how to change/combine them - very clever and well thought out ... so much so they would seem to translate easily into model/toy form (although the mecha designs are a bit different then what they are basied on) ... Bandai, Yamato, Wave, Takara, even Studio Half-Eye ... pay attention, you could do well by hireing this guy :D

:shock: This one is especialy impressive: ... chine.html

Also note that one of the links to the bottom of that page takes you to other pages detailing a number of original designs by the artist ... interesting to say the least :)

Posted: Thu Dec 30, 2004 4:37 am
by Zoxesyr
I love the transforming Gog. :D :D

Posted: Sun Feb 06, 2005 5:33 am
by Grebo Guru
Cripes... the guy is a transformation GENIUS! Im stunned. There are transformation patterns there without any precedent at all! Stunning. Really and truly stunning.

Thanks for posting this!