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Posted: Thu Oct 16, 2003 5:37 pm
by Tachyon

We hope you enjoy the Links area of the GEARS Online message board. Please respect the rules to help ensure everyone's enjoyment of this section.

1. No pornographic links. If you post a link to a pornographic Web site your post will be edited or deleted. The administrators of this message board are not interested in photos of naked people or people having sex. The only possible exception would be links to legitimate medical or anatomical information in the Science Links section. How to improve your sex life does not count as legitimate medical information. Links to humor sites that joke about sex will probably be alright as long as there are no graphic images or descriptions of nudity/sex.

2. No links to illegal content. This is open to interpretation and some leeway will be granted on a case-by-case basis. Basically, we don't want to see links to pages describing how to purchase explosives in Los Angeles or how to talk underage minors into doing things that are illegal. Information on how to smuggle suitcases full of anime-related goods past customs won't be censored. :wink:

3. No spurious advertising. This is also open to interpretation but we don't want to see people trying to sell things that don't relate to the themes of this site. If you're selling mecha artbooks or mecha models it's cool but toothbrushes and self-help books are a no-no. Multiple postings attempting to sell the same mecha-related products will be frowned upon.

4. You can promote your own Web site. As long as your site doesn't go against any of the rules above it's ok to post links. We're not worried about competition from other mecha Web sites.