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Gundam Plus II

Posted: Mon Apr 30, 2007 4:35 pm
by Nimrod
EZero8 suggested to me that I try posting here as a way to spread the word about the site and forum and try to find former Gundam Plus people.

The basic story is that the original site was really in decline and then it finally got hacked and the host pulled the plug. Vile(the owner and guy who ran the site) pretty much called it quits. After some thinking I decided to step up to the plate(and with Vile's blessing to use the name) built and started "Gundam Plus II" <-- forum link

It's only been up for about a month now so it's pretty light content wise but we're open for anyone who wishes to do reviews on shows, movies, models, msia - basically the works.

Feel free to come by and check us out if you get a chance.