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Google Search Tips

Post by Tachyon » Sun May 16, 2004 8:29 pm

Although this post doesn't contain any links to mecha Web pages, it will probably help people find them. For those of you who use Google as your search engine, some of the tips listed below may help you find what you're looking for more quickly.

9. Use quotation marks to enclose strings. Narrow your Google searches by enclosing the exact search string that you’re looking for within quotation marks. For example, to find references to only Gundam Sentinel, you might type
"Gundam Sentinel"

8. Use the plus sign (+). A note below the Search box on the results page after you perform a search tells you if Google has excluded a word or character from the search. Google ignores some common words and characters because they slow down searches without typically improving the results. You can force inclusion of the word or character by preceding it with a plus sign.

7. Use the minus sign (-). The minus sign has the opposite effect of the plus sign. Use the minus sign to tell Google not to return pages that contain a certain string. The following search string omits results that contain the value Wing:
"mobile suits" Gundam -Wing

6. Use the tilde (~) to search for synonyms. Use the tilde to return pages that contain words that have the same meaning as the word that follows the tilde. For example, the search
Zeorymer ~staff
returns results that contain synonyms for setup (e.g., crew).

5. Use the intitle keyword. Google’s intitle keyword lets you restrict searches to the titles of Web pages, ignoring the page content. For example, you can enter
intitle:"Gundam Sentinel"
"Gundam Sentinel
and see some different results show up.

4. Use the intext keyword. Similarly, the intext keyword restricts your Google searches to the text of Web pages, ignoring the information in the title bar. To search for the phrase AMBAC (a term from Gundam) only in the text, type

3. Use the site keyword. Google’s site keyword restricts your search to a particular domain. For example, to search for a particular design on Gears Online, you’d use the search string

2. Use Google’s Preferences page. There are several settings you can adjust to make your searches more useful. To set these values, go to

1. Use Google Groups. When you’re tracking down the answer to some arcane problem, don’t forget to search newsgroups as well as the Web. Chances are that someone who needed help with the same problem went to newsgroups for an answer. By default, Google searches Web pages, but you can make it search newsgroups by clicking on the Groups tab on Google’s main page.
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Post by Lalasa » Tue Nov 02, 2004 2:55 am

I'd also suggest using every spelling of the word you can think of. I mean every single one.

I.E. Fatima Candana. Despite officially being called Chandanna, most sites list her as Candana even in Japanese sites. So I put in Candena, Candanna, Chandana, Canndana and so on. When I put in Candana, 8 results came up. I put in Chandanna, 3 came up that did not come up with the "Candana" spelling. Though, I've found only fan art so far, it's still a good idea to try it out.


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Post by Falk » Tue Dec 28, 2004 12:29 am

Also, if someone talking/writing japanese could write a list of the japanese names of various mecha (MH particularly^^) that'd be great.

And when browsing on japanese site, look at the bottom-left corner of the screen to see the link of the page. A japanese link on the page may be written in english in the page code (the problem is when pages are numbers XD )

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