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What's up with Gears?

Post by Tachyon » Thu Aug 25, 2005 1:56 pm

Hello, all. I'm sorry I haven't been able to offer much in the way of updates lately. There's been a few nice things but nothing really extensive.

What's happened is I've been sucked into another Web project at work. Extensive revisions of our 2 main Web sites has kept me in my cubicle all day every day. I'm almost over the hump and that means I'll get back to cleaning up Tyrant Sword images and prepping Nu Soard's 2 info charts for the Five Star Stories pages.

Z Gundam's Messala was an interesting mobile suit design but why wasn't the design carried forward to other Gundam stories? Stay tuned to see 2 descendants of the Messala featured in Tyrant Sword.

Newton is working away on the next batch of Gaia Gear and Nu Soard is working away on more FSS profiles. Pretty soon I'll be begging Falk to clean up some more Nagano color illustrations. In short, more is on the way. Your patience is appreciated!
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Post by Knowlton » Fri Aug 26, 2005 8:16 pm

No sh**, more Messala variants? Awesome. I remember when I first starting seeing the Zeta Gundam suits come out while I was overseas. I absolutely loved the Gundam MK.II, Type 100, and HiZack, but I was really blown away by the Messala and Gaplant. Both are still favorites of mine, and yeah, you don't see a lot of similar designs from Zeta anywhere in other Gundam series. Hambrabi and Gabthley aren't either.

Zeta Gundam is one of the few sequels where the sequel blew away the original. Usually there is steady improvement in the designs as a series goes on too, but when you see the original Zack and compare it to the HiZack, you have to say WOW. They did a great job creating new futuristic designs yet keeping within the original framework. I just wish they didn't botch things up with the crap that was released for Gundam ZZ.

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