8/7/05 - Hello

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8/7/05 - Hello

Post by Tachyon » Mon Aug 08, 2005 12:42 am

Hello, everyone. It's been a little slow around here the past few days. I'll make another update as soon as I have something good for you.

I haven't been slacking off completely. I've set up a new, special FTP connection so that people can send me large files without clogging up their Email accounts. Let me know if you have some stuff to send me. Newton has sent me some Gaia Gear images that look really great. No real clean up is needed but I'd like to do just a little touch up before previewing them here for all of you.

The GM II Custom from Tyrant Sword is almost done and then I start cleaning up the images for the Nemo Sword Custom and Nemo Sword Custom Proto Three. I wanted to complete the scan of the LED Mirage from Knight Flags but I've been called in a lot this weekend to help with the new baby. Nu Soard will probably send some more profiles soon. It sounds like he's been pretty busy settling into his new job.

Have you guys seen the Marasai Custom from the April issue of Hobby Japan? How about the Gundam Mk-III from the August Hobby Japan? Sweet! It is indeed a good time for Z Gundam fans. It makes me want to hurry up on the Tyrant Sword and Gaia Gear projects just so I can start Z Gundam and Gundam MSV sections. The trouble is, if I don't have a Gundam expert typing profiles, I'll probably lose motivation to work on them. Help me find the "Mr. Gundam" that Gears Online needs!

Well, that's life here at Gears Online.
If you don't like the news then go make some of your own.

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