Blame! available in english !

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Blame! available in english !

Post by Falk » Sun Aug 07, 2005 8:28 pm

Thought it deserved a topic^^

The manga, no wait... I mean : The piece of art, called "Blame!", is now available in english !

Published by Tokyo Pop

I already talked about it, Blame! is a SF manga, with a really dark atmosphere (but not "unhealthy") with a unique drawing style : quite rough, but also very rigorous, particularly for the amaizing architecture.
There's also some awesome cyborg design, sort of cross-over between Alien, Hellraiser and clean designs of Asimov's cover's robots.

Really an OVNI in the boring mass of shonen/shojo.
Surely not the funniest manga out there (to say the least), but the reader is so lost in front of this book that you're sucked in it and never get enough of it.

If you don't like the character's face at the beginning (yeah a bit ugly and looking alike), wait a few books, the drawing gets better and better up to the tim-burtonish log 64 : beautiful

Of course, like most things that stick out of the mass, it's a "like it or hate it" manga. But if you're into SF, you shouldn't miss it.

For sure, my favourite manga ever, along with FSS.

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