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Re: finally see the movie

Post by KOG » Mon Jun 06, 2005 9:41 pm

2000YearsOldMan wrote:I fianlly see the movie.
Then after I saw the movie I can't think anything, my brain was busying annolyzing the information I got from the movie.
I think George he really did good job on the endding of the movie,(from anakin turn to dark side, to the end) then the begining and middle part are the trash.
But I still stunned by the special effects in the movie, they are just so awesome. Over all I think this movie will be great, if George didn't people in there(except lord Vader) :|
I thought Obi-Wan was pretty decent in this film actually... and I didn't care too much one way or the other about Padme.

The only one who really seemed to suck (still) was Anakin.

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