My 2nd Idea for a New TV Series

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My 2nd Idea for a New TV Series

Post by Tachyon » Thu Mar 03, 2005 5:00 pm

While I'm on the topic of pitching ideas for new anime shows, why not one more? 2 things I've always liked to see in fiction are mind powers and the concept of identity. Mind powers are pretty cut-and-dry when discussing anime but "identity" seems pretty abstract. To clarify, I've always been interested by how people see themselves. Some people find their ethnicity vital to who they are while others take nationality as the defining value. Some people get furious when they're called by a nickname while others don't care what name is used for them.

How could these 2 things be used in an anime show? Well, after Grebo's piece on how Evangelion opened the door (or widened it) for more cerebral storylines, I think it could be done. A lot of us enjoyed seeing newtypes use special, high-tech mobile armors in Gundam. A lot of us also enjoyed watching Shinji undergo soul-searching in Evangelion. I say, combine the 2!

The first episode starts a few years after discoveries of people with special mind powers. These espers/psions/mentats (lets just call them "espers") are shaking up society. New laws are being considered by Earth's nations and rumors are hotly denied that military technologies are being developed to turn espers into weapons of war. Special institutes and "private schools" are popping up that offer to help espers make the transition to their new life.

Soon an alien fleet arrives and announces that they're behind the esper phenomenon. They used genetic engineering to give human-like bodies to members of their own race and sent them to Earth to help humanity reach its full potential or "destiny." The aliens declare it's necessary for Earth to come under their leadership to keep the process going. Earth refuses and war starts.

Espers enter the conflict using fighter craft or humanoid mecha specially designed to amplify their mental powers. The aliens put out propaganda stating the espers are themselves aliens and not humans and should "come home."

The main characters are young students of an esper institute that was secretly backed by a nation's government. Once war begins they are pressed into service as military pilots. As the show progresses their powers slowly increase and new mecha is developed to give Earth an edge in the conflict. The pilots become confused as the alien propaganda hits and wonder where their loyalties should lie. Some call themselves human and stick with Earth, some call themselves aliens and defect while a 3rd faction forms of espers who are convinced they're "special" and should create their own unique group.

The main character struggles with his identity but starts to learn things that indicate the aliens are not humanity's saviors. He (or she) finally declares himself human despite his alien blood and commits himself to the task of chasing away the aliens and shutting down the "esper faction".

I think an idea like this could offer plenty of action and opportunities for the characters to discuss and puzzle through "what am I, really?". Plus, it's been a while since we've seen some good psionic mecha action. Gundam just doesn't offer it anymore. For those who liked the "cloak and dagger" espionage angle that Evangelion offered, just think of the possibilities offered by two-faced aliens and governments distrustful of their esper soldiers.

Well, those are my ideas for new shows. What about you guys?
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Post by Newton » Thu Mar 03, 2005 10:04 pm

I like both your ideas, but I'm really grooving on this one. In fact, I'd make the first storyline subordinate to this one.

It makes me think of what Dangaioh could (or should) have become. Your premise also makes me think of both "Toward the Terra" (a personal favorite for psi-mecha action) and "Cosmo Police Justy" (which I REALLY want on DVD).

Let me know when you want to put the series pitch together.



Post by Altron » Fri Mar 04, 2005 1:01 am

Whoa, this one really does sound awesome. Definetly feelin' this one more.

Anyway, I liked the whole thing, except for the idea that the main character fends off the esper faction as well. I think they should also become part of the fray, and maybe even ultamitely defect to the alien side, making the battle all the more difficult.

I'd definetly buy the manga, posters, and DVDs to this series. Heck, it sounds better than Evangelion. And that's definetly saying somthing.

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