Mecha with dual handguns... a rarity.

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Re: Mecha with dual handguns... a rarity.

Post by StarBomber109 » Tue Jul 10, 2007 1:19 am

Grebo Guru wrote: Paired-pistol fighting is a visually dynamic gimmick, and although its used a lot in video games (Devil May Cry, Gungrave, etc) very few anime feature mecha which do it. That seems a little odd... I wonder why its not done more? (Im not talking about from a "realistic rationale" POV, Im talking about from an anime production and mecha design POV.) I have a theory or two, but I'd love to hear others' ideas.
Dual tracking+kickbacks=BITCH!

And the pistol, unless it's an energy weapon, is going to have limited amo. Granted, you could use two of them, but to me, the better weapon would be a rifle.

It could also be that it's harder to draw. :?

Edit: ARGGGG! Forgot to check if I was necroing! D:

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