Mmh US stores that sell Zoids oversea ?

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Mmh US stores that sell Zoids oversea ?

Post by Falk » Tue Dec 14, 2004 10:27 pm


Though I'm not a big fan of Zoids, Gojulas Giga looks cool, and the size/price ratio is ok too (minus the shipping costs :evil: ).

Exept the fact that I'll surely lose an ebay auction of a gojulas in the UK, do you know US sites that sell Zoids ship oversea ?
Cuz' Gojulas Giga's price dropped from 50~60$ to 15$, so even what seems to be ok on ebay is almost a steal anyway.
And as I'll have to pay P&P whther it's a particular or a site, ebay is not so interesting this time.
(this is quite irritating anyway, you buy a toy 50$, and they still make money when they decide to drop it to 15$ :evil: )

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