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Little Mecha

Post by SteamTrooper » Thu Dec 02, 2004 2:08 pm

Hi all - and especially Grebo for reasons I will explain.

I have a rather odd idea for a story - I was hoping you may help or maybe someone could actually work on it themselves.

The reason I mention yourself Grebo is that I know you like Micronauts and Micromen? (that one never made it to the uk so not too sure about it) - My idea is very simple and as far as I am aware has never been done.

Basically - An invasion from elsewhere - that takes place on earth inside organics - be it plant, animal or MAN - that is fought between Microscopic Mecha/Nanomechs and the aliens/technology.

I just thought it might have some steam in it as stories go - but havent thought much more on the subject - any suggestions?

One thought I had is that the defense systems of the organic are controlled by the host themselves - thus a pilot that is actually host to the mecha?



Post by bkito » Thu Dec 02, 2004 2:22 pm

That actually sounds like a pretty kewl idea! Perhaps when the invasion begins humans find a way to inject the tiny mecha into people to fight off the 'infection' and the host human can somehow mesh with the mecha and pilot it with mind control? I can see it now, the mech goes in guns blazing... "You'll never take my spleen you filthy aliens!"



Post by SteamTrooper » Thu Dec 02, 2004 4:05 pm

bkito - thats the kinda thing I was going for - thought it would be a great new yet old battleground - maybe the internals of the infected are pumped up for defense - gun emplacements and nano bases around vital areas etc...

Glad you liked the initial concept.


Post by Altron » Fri Dec 03, 2004 2:55 am

Well. Who will be piloting the nano-mecha? Not people, therefore, what kind of emotional struggle would you expect to arise from the battles. There would be no dialogue between the fighters, no feeling, at least amongst the machines.

This has an awesome idea, but you might also want to do extensive medical study so that you know how things work inside a person so that you can write an effective story. It's the little things that make the big difference.

Anyway, along these lines of warfare we won't expect, I was thinking about a computer war. Let me explain.

There is an evil file/virus thing infecting the C:\ drive, and all the non-infected files need to band together to drive out the infection. With Norton Anti-Virus as a general figure trying to kill the infections, AdawareSE being another great warrior, they go into the C: drive to kill. Maybe reinforcements would arrive from the other drives. Simple, expendable files such as .txt's make up the infantry, better programs like calculator and paint are calvary, etc.

You could see it now xD. The Anti Virus giving his files an inspirational speech before charging to disinfect. "Files, I know you may be a little jittery, but hold fast! We will wipe the infection from our mother drive -- our home land. Many of your files will be corrupted or deleted, but it is for the Greater Good of the Mother Board, the C: drive, and the rest of us. You will die a warriors death!"

And after the battle, the winners removing the dead/corrupted/erraneous files into the recycling bin, and a great deletion, one so sorrowful, it takes the computer a whole day of deleting. And so it was, the files see off their comrades into the great abyss after the recycling bin.

lol. Funny, no?


Post by SteamTrooper » Fri Dec 03, 2004 1:25 pm

Erm!!! Yes I guess - V Funny - sounds a tad like TRON to me but maybe thats just my imagination?

Anyway re: The wont be seen idea Altron - A few options come to mind for the pilot.

1) Micronised Pilots - depending on how some other plot points and initial ideas pan out there are likely to be many pilots in each Body.

2) As Bkto said - some kind of mind-controlled mecha - complete with at least some personality and consciousness - not necessarily exactly that of the host but somehow linked into it. Potentially the host may even be in control of many mecha forming an army each with different facetes of his/her personality.

Regarding the above - (please be aware that I am currently just planning and juggling ideas on paper as well as here so I am just giving one or two possible options for now) - but if say the plot involved finding a cure or answer to this invasion - then maybe only one infected body is being exlpored and defended - in this case I feel that the story would have Multiple Pilots entering the body as well as the innate defenses of the host himself we would have a cast that could interact and all would be fighting for the earth so there is plenty of emotion involved.

That is not to say that only one body is infected obviously - but one or a handfull of the infected could be in some base/facility undergoing this experimental procedure in order to find a long term answer to the whole invasion.

Obvious Influences so far.

Fantastic Voyage
Osmosis Jones
Inner Space
erm.... ?? damn I had 2 more but forgot my notes.

Other Stuff - One idea I had was that the invasion in some way causes a `Zombie` like state in the victims - each one being a moving microcosm to its invaders - this could lead to some interesting Dual story action - with the micromechs fighting inside for the greater good and the zombies and mankind fighting outside - Plenty of Dialogue there I should think.

Also I saw the invaders (being vague here) as having language of some kind - they are basically a very small civilization of some kind - they have moods, passions, loves and hates - maybe they even have a resistance growing.

LOL - I hope that was a gag about "It's the little things that make the big difference." ?? - or maybe even a TITLE suggestion?

I have a few titles in mind but Ill hold for now because I think maybe only I am interested realy.

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Post by Temjin » Sat Dec 04, 2004 4:38 am

Interesting idea, what do you have in mind for the mecha? May be it could be like in black color, with large head light, almost space suit like body, a lot of directional thrusters, and a pair of long and extenable arms.

I also like Altron's idea in the computer world. Even in the hardware level. It would be so fun to walk through a "motherboard" city and try to protect the "power supply". XD

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Post by Kuruni » Sat Dec 04, 2004 7:05 am

If you don't mind about abit silly plot...(this is more of parody IMO.)

Recently, large number of lifeform lost by the strange disease. Which later discover to be result of nano-alien that infest the host to gather bio-data and evolve themselve. As result, nano-mecha squad were creat to fight these nano-alien without kill the host. The pilots will transfer their mind for limit time into nano-mecha for a short period, then inject the host with these mecha squad.

Sorry if it's hard to understand. IMO storyline is more suit with "Monster of the Week" style storyline... (Uhh...for being parody...lets say those alien are called "Micron" and nano-mecha squad is "Zentran" :D )

For alternate plot. The nano-lifeform isn't alien, but they will evolve into deadly high intelligent lifeform in the future. (Now they're just on their path of evolution.) Nano-mech squad is send from future to get rid of them before that happen.
Of cause, thing are much more fun than we expect. As even minor disease like decayed tooth might actually be these lifeform's act...
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Post by SteamTrooper » Mon Dec 06, 2004 1:41 pm

Thanks for the input people.

Kuruni - the time limit idea is a definately must have I feel - possibly some of the pilots are able to maintain micro size for longer or indefinately - but a majority of them would be on a strict time limit ala `ultraman/Evangelion`. This would give the story an episoidal quality and tend to mean the stories have a format of 1) Recon 2)planning 3) strictly time-limited strike.

Also I think the nano-culture idea is the best so far - `Alien` was just a `place-holder` for `enemy` - an earth source for the nano technology sounds much better to me - thanks :D - it works on more levels than a spureous alien invasion.

Also Temjin - not I hadnt thought too much yet about the look - I was thinking sort of organic might work - not true organics but enuf to fool the body into not attacking the mini-mech all the time - The enemy mecha would be in a state of constant evolution/adaption to the earth threat - thus the look for them would be constantly changing - which should be fun :) .

Yeah I liked the computer idea but it is basically `Tron` or even `Reload (not sure if thats the right title/cgi series from some years back-featureing Megabite).

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