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Machine dreams

Post by Lalasa » Wed Dec 01, 2004 4:18 am

Do you dream of giant robots? I sometimes do. Weird ones in which I'm being squished or about to get squished by a robot or I am the robot doing the squishing. Weird.

One time I dream of screaming at Duo when he was in his Endless Waltz version of Deathscythe Hell Custom to, "Watch where the heck you're going!" while riding on DH's toes...after almost being stepped on by a Serpent. I was also saying something about picking up the enemy fire power to Trowa since he always runs out of ammo first. Once the enemy machines were crippled, their guns were just laying there, so why not? That was another thing I couldn't understand about Gundam Wing.

It was a very tangible dream too. I felt, tasted, smelled and even heard the brain-concussing explosions, motions of the MS as it ran, the hot metallic, almost acidic taste of gun powder and choking smoke and all of that.

Another time I was holding a conversation with the Empress Flame of Five Star Stories. She was apparently jealous of the B4 and was asking me to do something about Max's...erm...female dog. I was a human, or was it a Fatima? I'm not sure, I wasn't paying attention to exactly what I was, although I knw I was in a mirage knight uniform and I asked her what she expected me to do since they were so much bigger than I was. The Empress was not happy with me after that.

The MM Auge then said to me to don't mind the Empress. She's having her time of the month and I decided I wasn't going to say anything after that because both ways I'd get in trouble with the Empress, so I listened to the MM Auge, Engage Octavar (I think) and the Patraqueshe make plans about getting away from Amaterasu if he doesn't stop making them fight each other. Somewhere in this the Orange Right Jagt said it was going to kidnap me, then deep fry and eat me so I woke up in the middle of running away.


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Post by Tachyon » Wed Dec 01, 2004 4:29 am

Surprisingly enough, I can't remember ever dreaming about giant robots or spaceships. It seems odd to me when I spend so much time immersed in my hobbies but it just hasn't spilled over into my dreams yet.
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Post by Kuruni » Wed Dec 01, 2004 8:00 am

I were...but no longer since hentai dream replace them. :P

Just kidding, I still had weird dream feature Tetsujin-like giant robot last month. It just not important factor.(which is...hentai LOL :wink: )
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Post by Grebo Guru » Wed Dec 01, 2004 4:48 pm

I dream about giant robot merchandise a lot (toys, books, models, videos, etc) but Ive never dreamt about actual giant robots... Which is a real gyp, if you ask me!!!

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