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Japanese and Web Pages

Post by Tachyon » Sat Dec 04, 2010 4:01 pm

I need some help from everyone, please. How many of you can see Japanese characters in Web pages? For a test, go here:
Scroll down to the first line of text (under the image of the airplane). Can you see the Japanese kanji characters or do you see empty boxes?

As I look at revamping Gears Online the issue of displaying Japanese text came up. I thought unicode 8 would display it on every page but it isn't working. The Mac OS shows the Japanese characters in every browser. Most visitors to this site use Windows OS, though. Firefox shows the Japanese characters with no trouble but Chrome, Safari, and IE 8 on Windows show me empty boxes (if I don't have the Japanese language pack installed).

I visited the Anime News Network site and they seem to have an interesting solution. They can display Japanese characters in IE 8 on Windows using JavaScript but that script doesn't work in Chrome or Safari on Windows.

If you see empty boxes on my link above, please tell me what browser and OS you're using. Also, if you know anything about this topic and can offer help, please let me know.
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