A Sort of Update from Gears Online Management

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A Sort of Update from Gears Online Management

Post by Tachyon » Wed May 27, 2009 8:09 pm

Hello, everyone. Tachyon here. I haven't updated Gears Online in quite a while and I've been pretty quiet here on the message board. Sorry about that. I wanted to drop this note to let people know that Gears Online isn't dead yet.

Previously, I was tied up watching my boys and working my full-time job while my wife crammed college courses to become a nurse. Her classes are done now and the two of us have decided that we must move out of Idaho for several reasons. Among other things, Idaho is a harsh environment for anime fans. We want to move to Austin, TX but to do that I have to apply for jobs and raise my technical skills - while holding down my current job since it pays the bills. These days I'm dedicating myself to reading job listings, tweaking my resume and cramming knowledge on technical issues like PHP, javascript, etc.

I need to offer my humble apologies to Jake S., Newton and Nu Soard Graphite. I still have Super Robot Wars material from Jake S. that I will place online when I can. I still have wonderful text profiles from Nu Soard that will go online when possible. I still have a wealth of images from Newton that he went to considerable time and expense to acquire. Newton's material will go online to benefit the online community when I can make it happen.

I have been slowly and steadily adding to my art book archive in preparation for future projects. Gears Online will revive and carry on into the future. For now, my contributions to it will need to rest for a while. I continue to pay Gears Online's bills and the site will not disappear or go anywhere.
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