Mecha... Porn?!

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Mecha... Porn?!

Post by Tachyon » Thu Mar 05, 2009 6:52 pm

I'd like to discuss this very strange term I've seen online: mecha porn. Where did this term come from? What is it supposed to mean? What do science-fiction machines and the pornography industry have in common? I don't think they have anything in common. I'm certainly not going to start thinking of Gears Online and MAHQ as porn sites. I'm not going to put an age checking splash screen before the main page of Gears Online.

I know western society is obsessed with sex but when we start equating everything we like with pornography we begin to feed a very ugly trend. What do all of you think of this? Have you seen the term "mecha porn" anywhere? What are your thoughts?
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Re: Mecha... Porn?!

Post by Kuruni » Fri Mar 06, 2009 7:59 am

18+ thread :D . Being big perv here, I shall share my experience :P .

Belive it or not, I even saw what suppose to be ero doujinshi based on Virtual On. This one is pretty much safe (pantie shot is rather common in PG anime, add mecha to that won't make it worse) but I saw another one that even more...weird.

Well, another perculiar example come from...another ero doujinshi. I once found couple of Godanna's and SRW's doujin feature...stuff involve tentacle monster and female-like mecha. Both case have pilots involve, I guess it's another side of "mecha as pilot's extension ego"...but still...

Yet, there is another case. Few that use Mecha Musume/MS Girls, but the "sale point" here is girl. It is really girl in armor anyway.

Alright, lets looking on more primitive view :wink: . The term "mecha porn" maybe a simply slang refer to concept art/design that show mecha with armor stripped or reveal internal frame. I think that it might simply mean extremely gorgeous design, the term Scenery Porn at TV Tropes simply mean it's "luscious backgrounds with great detail, lovely lighting or both".

I hope these won't shatter our fandom...
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