Interview #1: When/how did you become a mecha fan?

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Interview #1: When/how did you become a mecha fan?

Post by Zoxesyr » Wed Jan 09, 2008 2:45 am

(o.k. I have to keep up with Grebo)

I first remember seeing anime when I was a kid in the midwest. At that time we pretty much only got Speedracer. At that time I wasn't an anime fan at all.

I first remember getting interested in anime was watching the Japanese feed channel here in San Francisco, in high school. The first show that hooked me was an obscure title called "Supercar Gattiger", which didn't have mecha, but did have a combining car. Then in short order I watched the original Harlock, Battle for the Planets (aka Gatchaman), Space Giants (aka Ambassador Magma), Ultraman and Specreman.

But what turned me into a fan was the first season of "Star Blazers" (aka Starship Yamato). I was into RPGs at the time, and SB completely changed the way we looked at sci-fi games.

After that the US release of Robotech gave me the Veritech VF-1, of which I built three models. In college, I discovered a Hi-zack model that was a cool build. Following up on that lead me to MS-Gundam, Mekton and the other real mecha shows. (Voltron happened about that time, but never really interested me much. )

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