The Demands of Comedy Anime

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The Demands of Comedy Anime

Post by Tachyon » Thu Apr 12, 2007 3:32 pm

Last week I finished watching the 6 Urusei Yatsura movies and the 6 Urusei Yatsura OAVs. I really enjoyed them but I wasn't prepared for the high demands of anime comedy. I was expecting slap stick and mix ups and saw plenty of those but the references to other anime and Japanese sci-fi was too numerous to keep up with. I was fortunate that I had just finished watching subtitled versions of the Space Battleship Yamato movies/shows, the first Godzilla movie (Japanese version) and the first Ultra Man TV show. Otherwise I would have missed a lot of jokes. As it is, I get the feeling I missed plenty of laughs just because I missed the references.

A few months ago I watched Gunbuster and Godannar. Plenty of old anime references there too. Has anime always been that full of borrowed material and in-jokes?
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Nightmare of Solomon

Post by Nightmare of Solomon » Thu Apr 12, 2007 7:06 pm

Yeah, Anime has been rife with cameo references and in-jokes for as long as I can remember.

Notable recurring live-action American Influences include Blade Runner, Star Wars, and Terminator obviously.

This is also reveresed- take a real close look at Star Trek the Next Generation, and there are literally Thousands of Anime based references- everything from ship names to words in alien languages, even actual sets and environments- their production designer is a raving anime nut.

Comedy anime will often have characters momentarily taking on the characteristics, appearance, or movements of other well-known characters to emphesize an aspect of a scene. Lots of references to Lupin3 or Ataru when a male is being lustful. Sometimes they just show up wearing a particularly well known costume.

Or sometimes well known characters appear breifly in the background as the main characters pass by. There is a scene in an episode of Uresei Yatsura where the Dirty Pair appear in the background.

Strangely enough, the Dirty Pair's first animated appearance is in a cameo in the Crusher Joe Movie- they are the stars of an action movie playing in the background.

Running gags are rampant- like the two lovers who appear in the background of almost every KOR episode- quoting 'Romeo and Juliet'- "wherefore art thou....?"

Probably my personal favorite- in just about every Mecha anime with AIC or Artmic involved in the production, the AIC studio is shown being demolished in a colateral damage shot- or painted into the background as a wreck.

Then there are the bizarre substitutions- the most infamous of which is the 'Budwiser' missile in 'Do you Remember Love?"

And never ignore the soundtrack!- well known themes will be breifly mimicked-Characters will horribly sing something well known in a Karaoke scene. Even sound effects will be ported directly from another source- Usually Star Trek or Star Wars- Watch the begining of BGC-5, the entire chase sequence lifts the 'speeder bike chase' from return of the Jedi.

A lot of additional enjoyment is to be had by paying attention to the background-

Keep your eyes and ears peeled and enjoy!


Post by Wingnut » Sat Apr 14, 2007 6:08 am

Nightmare of Solomon wrote: This is also reveresed- take a real close look at Star Trek the Next Generation, and there are literally Thousands of Anime based references- everything from ship names to words in alien languages, even actual sets and environments- their production designer is a raving anime nut.
One production drawing that he made needed a person standing next to it. That person turned out to by Yuri from Dirty Pair.

And of course sometimes anime returns the favor. In the second OP of G Gundam just as we start to see Argo in the crowd there is one of the staff in the crowd wearing a red Star Trek TNG uniform.

And of course the anime Kuro Gunso (I know I am spelling that wrong) is one huge homage to Gundam in just about every way you can imagine short of having a Haro in the series.
I call this one re-enacting the production lines at Jaburo during the OYW.

And this speaks for itself.

Nightmare of Solomon

Post by Nightmare of Solomon » Mon Apr 16, 2007 8:41 pm

Funny images-

I recently watched the series "Genshiken" which deals with the fallout of a 'normal' girl falling for an otaku and being 'drafted' into a club full of fanboys- Very similer to the group in "Otaku no Video"-

In one episode- the club builds MG models- they specifically mention the weak leg-ball joints of the original mold of the MS06-Zaku- Having nearly 60 MG kits at last count, approximately 7 of which are Zaku-variants- I'm somewhat familiar with this flaw- I got a good laugh from the reference-

And since my last post, I recalled, what is probably the single most hilarious legendary anime parody I've ever seen-

In the final volume of Excel Saga- the Puchu Comet Empire attacks- and only the Puchu Harlock and Emeraldas can team up with the dim-witted heroine and save the day.

She gets lauched into battle in a Puchu- headed Gundam- In A Diaper!- flanked by a squadron of very X-wing-ish space fighters-
I literally hurt myself I was laughing so hard.

"EXcel Saga" as a series is a gignatic parody- of everything from "Rambo" movies to "Lassie"- each episode spoofs a particularly recognizable genre and sometimes the 'crossovers from one parody to another are even worse.- A lot of fun to be had, If you haven't had the pleasure.

And of course- there's always the 'name game'

- Nagano of FSS has some particularly vivid name referernces-mostly to obscure gothic heavy heavy metal bands to name a few-

In "Bastard"- all the magical spells are named for hard rock bands-

"Gundam Wing" - all the characters names are 'numbers'

In "Dragon Ball", "Bakaretsu Hunter", and the various "Lamune" series most of the characters are named after foods- "Chocalate and Tira Misu"- being my personal favorites.

Lots of parodies and gags- too many to keep track of sometimes.

A lot of the music pieces in anime are only 'slighty' altered versions of American and European tunes- One of the combat themes in "Full Metal Panic" is a dead ringer for the "A-team" opener.

There is a Spanish news radio show, which frequently uses sound track selections from anime.- I almost 'Snarfed' a carne assada buritto when 'Ryoga's theme from Ranma 1/2 started playing during the current events portion of the show- The same broadcast would latter use music from "Evangelion" and a few others.

I guess it's all a big case of what goes arround comes arround-

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Post by Grebo Guru » Mon Apr 23, 2007 2:41 am

I may be oversimplifying, but it seems to me that the anime industry has gotten a lot more self-referential lately. I think, pretty much, since the advent of Gainax. Nowadays, anime shows which are actually ABOUT the production of anime shows are becoming common enough to almost warrant their own subgenre. Not that it hasn't been going on a long time, but recently (within the last 15+ years) it seems like it's been on the upswing. I think this may have something to do with the "graying" of the fan base and the halt in the market's growth...


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