New Toy Store In New York

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New Toy Store In New York

Post by Tachyon » Thu Mar 01, 2007 11:26 pm

The operator of a new toy store specializing in Japanese toys in New York City sent a publicity letter to Gears Online today. They don't have a Web site yet but claim they'll have one up soon.

Toy Zipangu
206 East 6th Street (beween 2nd Ave. and 3rd Ave. )
New York, NY10003
New York City has become a mecca for Japanese toys and their loyal fan base. If you think you have seen it all, you are in for a pleasant eye-opening with the arrival of the new shop, Toy Zipangu, on the scene.

Take one step inside, and you will realize Toy Zipangu is a dream kingdom of retro Japanese toys. Located on 6th Street, in the heart of the East Village.

From the rare toy collector, to the Anime hero fan looking to get his or her feet wet, to the dad shopping for the superhero aficionado kid waiting patiently for that Ultraman figure, all appetites will be sated at this new sanctuary.

If you taste is the Super Sentai series, Power rangers of the original Japanese counterparts, they are all there. The transformers are in attendance, in all imaginable shapes and sizes. Digging deeper, even collectible Chogoukin, die-cast action figures, including Super Robot (such as Mazinger Z, Raideen, Tetsujin 28 ) and Tokusatsu Hero are mightily on display.

If these aren’t enough, there are also plethora of cute character key chains, incredibly easy-to construct, detail-oriented D.I.Y figures, and adorable miniatures too numerous to describe. There are even beautiful, doe-eyed heroines. If you are wondering who is minding the store, all stock is selected by the “otaku” owner, Mr. Kensaku Sakai, by way of Tokyo and Osaka, Japan.

Mr. Sakai has been dedicated collector of what he proudly describes as “well designed toys, transforming or combining robots” for over two decades. With a keen ability to look at things from different angles and mind frames, he is also a respected writer for Japanese variety TV shows, an idea man for funny TV programs that usually have something to do with what he digs, such as retro toys, games, and manga.

So with New York’s Japanese toy fandom only gaining momentum everyday, and more and more such enthusiasts searching for a better source to start or expand their collections, Toy Zipangu is the reliable new retro Japanese toy shop to provide a haven for the kid in us all.
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Post by Grebo Guru » Mon Apr 23, 2007 4:55 am

Wow cool...!

Next time I'm in my old hometown I'll have to check it out. Always nice to see a new shop show up. (Especially since Image Anime might just be closing this year, if the scuttlebutt is true.)


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