INFO REQUEST - Live Action Shows

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INFO REQUEST - Live Action Shows

Post by Tachyon » Fri Sep 03, 2004 1:40 am

I need enough info to write an introductory paragraph for the following live-action shows:

Kamen Rider 555 (Faiz)
Kamen Rider Agito
Ninnpu Sentai Hurricanger (Power Ranger : Ninja Storm in U.S.)
HyakuJuu Sentai Gaoranger (Power Ranger : Wild Force in U.S.)
Mirai Sentai Timeranger (Power Ranger : Timeforce in U.S.)
Kyukyu Sentai Gogo5 (Power Ranger : Light Speed Rescue in U.S.)

Info should contain what year they first appeared on TV/in theatres in Japan and a little info on what the show is about.

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Post by Kuruni » Fri Sep 03, 2004 2:33 pm

Well, I can't help much on story of Super Sentai series. (Need some more research) But here are air date...

Kyukyu Sentai Gogo5 : 21 February 1999 - 6 February 2000 (50 episodes)
Mirai Sentai Timeranger : 13 February 2000 - 11 February 2001 (51 episodes)
HyakuJuu Sentai Gaoranger : 18 February 2001 - 10 February 2002 (51 episodes)
Ninnpu Sentai Hurricanger : 17 February 2002 - 9 February 2003 (51 episodes)

Note that most show also spawn two TV special and/or as stand alone episode, while other is crossover. (Often is about some powerful monster that seem to has connection with villain from previous serie appear. That monster will be too much for single Sentai to handle. But soon the previous sentai will appear too, after some conflict between two teams. They will able to combine their force and defeat that monster.)

Kamen Rider Agito
Air date : 28 January 2001 - 21 January 2002 (51 episodes) Also has a movie called "Project G4" and TV special.

This is second of post-Ishinomori Kamen Rider series and be first serie that feature three main Masked Rider at once.

Following are taken from
Shoichi Tsugami is a man who has lost his memory. He knows nothing of where he comes from or who he is. Only that he must use the mysterious power within him to transform and protect his new home and the people that he loves. When an enemy rises to face him, he transforms into Kamen Rider Agito.

A series of terrible murders have been taking place across Tokyo that can only be described as impossible crimes. When at last the culprits are revealed to be the mysterious creatures called Unknowns, the police department’s newly-created G3 armor, and its unit are put into action.

When G3 meets Agito, he is unsure if they are friends or enemies, neither side knowing where Agito’s powers come from. And the existence of the Unknowns, who seem to be targeting members of the same families, is even more of a mystery.

When the ferocious Rider, Gills, appears, determined to find out why his father killed himself after boarding the Akatsugi-Go cruise liner, the mysteries only continue to pile up, especially when it is discovered that several targets of the Unknowns had boarded the same cruise.

What is the true origin of Agito, Gills, and the Unknowns? Why are the Unknowns targeting these people? The search for such answers only brings more questions, and more furious battles, fists flying between both friends and foes. And in the end, only one thing is certain…time is running out for the human race!
Kamen Rider 555
Air date : Start from 20 January 2003. I can't remember date for last episode, but total episode number is 50. Also has a movie called "Paradise Lost"

The forth of post-Ishinomori Kamen Rider series. This one is like combine Kamen Rider serie with Metal Hero serie. Faiz feature load of hi-tech equipment that would make James Bond's stuff look like toy. :P It's also more tradition Kamen Rider serie when compare to Kamen Rider Ryuki (previous serie). But still shroud with mystery and dramatic theme...

Following are taken from
Two years ago Yuji Kiba was in a car accident that killed both of his parents and put him into a coma. Fast-forward to the present and suddenly we find out he has died.... only to wake up later on in a morgue. When Yuji tries to visit his past life, he sees that everything has changed. He then finds himself in the care of 'Smart Brain' where they explain to him that he has been reborn as an Orphenochs and must now abandon his human heart and kill all humans.

The other half of our story is about a man named Takumi Inui.

Takumi Inui isn't your happy go lucky guy, he is reluctant to share his feelings and even more reluctant to make friends.

He follows a girl named Mari Sonoda when he thinks that she stole his gym bag. As it turns out that he's not the only one interested in Mari's bag, for it seems that she is actually in possession of a belt with advanced technology that some people don’t want out in the public arena. While confronting her for stealing his gym bag, an Orphenoch appears and demands that Mari hand over the belt.

Scared, she tries to transform into Kamen Rider 555, but the belt doesn't work for her. As an act of desperation, she attaches the belt to Takumi and he's forced to fight the Orphenoch. Reluctant to stay with Mari, Takumi finds himself getting deeper and deeper into her world and eventually agreeing to fight the Orphenochs as Kamen Rider 555.
NOTE : There are lot of plot twist in both Agito and Faiz. It's so great twist that I wouldn't spoil here...
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